Secure Your New Home with These Tips Before Moving In

When moving to a new home, it’s normal to be occupied with cleaning, organizing, and designing. These are important to make it lovely, relaxing, and comfortable. However, another vital thing to consider is its security. Ensuring the house is safe and secure will give you peace of mind. Below are tips to strengthen the security of your new home before moving in.

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Install security cameras

It’s an effective way to keep burglars off your property. They will be reluctant to break in knowing that your house is protected with security cameras that could capture them and end up being caught. These cameras are widely available in the market, so you wouldn’t have trouble buying them. They have various features, so learn more about them to determine which would work best for you. For example, security cameras with motion sensors turn their lights on when they detect a movement. Others have a microphone and speaker, so you can hear if people are talking, and you can also warn them by speaking through the app on your mobile phone.

Check all the locks

Broken locks put your home at risk of being burglarized. So, before you move, check all door and window locks thoroughly, and fix the broken ones. See if repair or replacement is a better option. Even if all locks are still in good shape, if other people lived there before you, consider rekeying the locks to prevent unauthorized access. Rekeying keeps the locks but adjusts them, so they use new keys, and the old ones will no longer work. If your new home is in San Diego, a mobile locksmith in San Diego can help with all your lock needs, whether it’s repair, replacement, or rekeying.

Use timers

If your appliances do not come with built-in timers, there are devices that you can purchase that will let you set a time for your appliances or lights to turn on and off automatically. They have an app you can install on the smartphone that gives you the user interface to adjust the settings. You can also manually turn them on or off from there. Even if no one is home, people would think that the house is not empty if you turn on the lights or TV. Moreover, burglars usually attack at night and in homes that are not well-lit as they won’t be easily caught.

Check the garage

Check the garage and ensure it’s properly secure. Intruders could use it to enter your home. If it’s not working correctly or the locks are damaged, fix it before the move to lower the risk of a break-in.

Install sensors

Installing sensors in possible entries, including doors and windows, can deter criminals from your home. These sensors will notify you if they detect forced entry on the said points. You may set the alarm before bed and when all members are already inside.

No matter how safe you think the neighborhood is, make sure to strengthen the security of your new home. It’s better to be safe than sorry.

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