Simple Ways to Upgrade Your Motel Bathroom

Every motel that’s been in business long enough, eventually needs to upgrade or renovate, and the bathroom is the best room to get started in. It’s the room that potential customers, employees, and those that are staying use the most, so why shouldn’t you give them the best bathroom experience possible?

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People—and especially customers that need to use the restroom only like doing so in an upgraded bathroom, that’s functional, clean, and sanitary to use. Outdated bathrooms can appear old and grungy and can reduce the customer’s positive experience at your place of business.In this day and age, a positive customer experience goes a long way, especially considering how online reviews are making some motels really popular and putting others out of business.

So how can you upgrade your motel bathroom?


You can do a complete renovation of your bathroom from installing new tiles, stalls, toilets, and knocking down and putting up new walls. A complete bathroom renovation will cost you anywhere between $15,000 to $30,000 so if you have the extra money to invest in such a project, go for it.

With a complete renovation, you’ll eventually recoup the money with more business and longer stays. A complete reno will take approximately one month to complete depending on the scope of the project but once it’s installed, it’s smooth sailing.

The project would be best executed by a professional bathroom renovation company unless you specialise in building code and carpentry, but that’s usually not the case with most motel owners even if they’re handy with tools. It’s much better to hire professionals because at least you know the job will be done right, with code, and everything will be perfect when it’s done.

Installing new fixtures and accessories

If you don’t think you can afford to go all out with a complete renovation, you can start small and upgrade more as time passes.

Simple ways to upgrade your motel bathroom is by installing new and quality hand dryers, soap dispensers and mirrors. A simple change in small accessories like these can go a long way in enhancing the customer experience.

Just take a good look in the bathroom. You my even find that a simple upgrade to the old toilet or bathroom sink could use an upgrade. In such cases, rather than adding all kinds of new accessories, you can upgrade the bigger items that are used the most.

If the sink, toilet, mirrors and faucets are in good condition, you can upgrade the bathroom by adding an extra stall if you only have one. Adding an extra bathroom stall could make the bathroom more convenient to your customerswhich can go a long way to securing future business.

The idea is to make your customers and potential customers feel like they’ve used a clean and quality bathroom and leave it with a positive experience. On the contrary, if a customer uses the bathroom and feel like they just want to get out of there, they’re most likely going to feel the same about your motel and decide to go elsewhere.

Whatever You Do, Go Universal

Another option is to go a step further and install what’s called a Universal Bathroom. These types of bathrooms are made to help disabled and handicapped people access the bathroom more easily and use the bathroom amenities without hinderance. In some states and provinces, universal bathrooms are required for public and employee bathrooms.

In Ontario, Canada, universal bathroom laws fall under the Ontario Builder’s Code. In Alberta they fall under the Alberta Building Code. Each state and province have their own laws and acts related to universal and barrier free washrooms so you will have to investigate which laws apply to your geographical location.

If you own a business that wants to be a few steps ahead of the law, read this article on the benefits of installing a universal washroom and see why accommodating disabled people is a big plus!

How to Make the Decision to Upgrade

It’s not a tough decision to make. An upgraded public motel bathroom goes a long way to securing current and future business. If customers have a good experience in your bathroom, they’ll also feel like they’ll have a good experience at your hotel. So the only decision you really need to make is deciding whether you have the funds to invest in the upgrade.

If you do, then go for it. If you don’t have enough funds on reserve just yet, continue to save up or go for the accessories upgrade.

One way or another, the fact will never change that if a customer enjoys a motel bathroom, they’re much more likely to use your services again in the future.

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