20+ Inspiring Small Bathroom Decor Ideas with Captivating Vibe

There’s no need to worry anymore when you are planning to decorate or redecorate your small bathroom. In this article, we share tons of beautiful small bathroom decor ideas that will totally mesmerize you.

We have selected the ones from farmhouse to modern minimalist decorating for your ultimate reference. Just keep scrolling to check them out!

Small Bathroom Decor Ideas

Simple Farmhouse Decor

Small Bathroom Decor 1
Source: loversiq.com

Grey wood planks cover the walls of this small bathroom which instantly gives a nice decorative touch. A vintage vanity and rustic ladder storage are the main elements that add earthy textures and warm tones to the decor. The flooring comes with a Moroccan pattern to make the room look more attractive but still keeps the neural nuance of the room.

Pretty Nautical Decor

Small Bathroom Decor 2
Source: joshta.com

Nautical decorating style never fails to make a bathroom look and feel so inviting. In this idea, blue tiles with mosaic patterns take up all sides of the walls and flooring of the bathroom which is enough to bring the ocean vibe all around. All of the fixtures and furniture come in white which helps to brighten up the room in a very beautiful way.

Chic Eclectic Decor

Small Bathroom Decor 3
Source: archilovers.com

This bathroom cleverly combines different materials which creates a mesmerizing decor to copy. The big square tiles with an exposed concrete finish decorate the shower area and the teal tiles with a white geometric pattern handle the rest of the room. All of the fixtures and furniture come in clean-lined designs which makes the decor fit well for you who love minimalist decorating style.

Fresh Vintage Decor

Small Bathroom Decor 4
Source: cybball.com

Do you want to have a vintage bathroom with a fresher nuance? Well, this idea should be the one to add to your top list. Wood accent in lemon green adds a nice color to the room with all-white nuance. Some indoor plants then complement it which also freshens the room at the same time. To make the decor look catchier, some wood elements are added cleverly.

Sophisticated Compact Decor

Small Bathroom Decor 5
Source: lostinvogue.com

This idea shows a smart way to bring a lot of stuff even when you have a bathroom with a very tiny space. The key is to choose the fixtures and furniture which fit well for the room’s limited size. The color palette itself is dominated by an exposed concrete look and is beautified by orange. With its arrangement, you can access your bathroom conveniently.

Elegant Nautical Decor

Small Bathroom Decor 6
Source: maison-travaux.fr

You didn’t always have to paint the bathroom bright blue to get the nautical nuance. Half of this bathroom is painted navy and the white subway tiles handle the rest of it. The combination creates a nautical nuance but with a more elegant look. Further, some brass hardware makes the room look way more glamorous.

Earthy Eclectic Decor

Small Bathroom Decor 7
Source: Allie Freeman

This bathroom adopts a different style at once but still fits well with its limited space. Brown and blue Moroccan tiles complement the color palettes of the room beautifully. The colors are created from some earthy elements like wood and indoor plants. Thanks to those white elements which brighten up and create a wider impression inside the room.

Bright Minimalist Decor

Small Bathroom Decor 8
Source: @lisalimary_16

If you are looking for a small bathroom with a super bright vibe, this one should be the one on your top list. White dominates the room which makes it look really bright. The decor mainly relies on patterns in the same color to keep everything as minimalist as possible. Some earthy elements then add more tones without overwhelming the vibe around.

Modern Neutral Decor

Small Bathroom Decor 9
Source: @1KURDISTAN1

The neutral-colored decor is totally everyone’s favorite today and this idea shows how to get the job done beautifully. Grey and white are the main colors of the decor which creates an elegant neutral overall look. Uniquely, geometric tiles in white cover some parts of the walls to give a room a stunning geometric touch.

Modern Farmhouse Decor

Small Bathroom Decor 10
Source: @ingridthernlund

White subway tiles with black lines decorate the shower area which gives a farmhouse nuance all around. The pieces of furniture, accessories, and fixtures all come in clean-lined designs which makes the room look way more modern. This is a nice inspiration for you who want to have a farmhouse bathroom with a more sophisticated nuance.

Glam Vintage Decor

Small Bathroom Decor 11
Source: brownstoner.com

Going back to the old trend is never a bad idea. This bathroom is decorated with a vintage style which is created by those fixtures, furniture, and ornaments. The choice of gold finish gives a simple glamorous touch to its all-white nuance. Of course, the mosaic tiles with a retro pattern that combines shades of blue and white make the room look way more admirable.

Chic Monochrome Decor

Small Bathroom Decor 12
Source: copperleafstudio.co.za

This bathroom combines black and white as its main colors which fit well if you are planning to have a monochrome decor. Half of the walls are painted black and white subway tiles to decorate the rest. On the flooring, black and white tiles with Moroccan patterns complete the decor. To keep everything bright, all of the pieces of furniture and fixtures come in a white finish.

Striking Monochrome Decor

Small Bathroom Decor 13
Source: 614now.com

Black and white also dominated the decor of this small bathroom but looked more striking. Square white tiles cover the entire walls of this bathroom and wood planks in black decorate the ceiling, creating a unique monochrome overall look. A wood stool with a cute indoor plant then completes the decor naturally.

Modern Rustic Decor

Small Bathroom Decor 14
Source: carol_156_

A cozy shower area with wood nuance gives a modern rustic touch to this small bathroom decor with neutral nuance. Some sides of the wall are even decorated with textured tiles which create a unique overall look. You can see all the decor elements of the bathroom come in modern design which looks so stunning.

Bright Warm Decor

Small Bathroom Decor 15
Source: @armande

If monochromatic or neutral small bathroom decor doesn’t really suit your taste, this one can be your favorite. Light brown tiles cover the walls of this bathroom which are complemented by wood flooring. The combination creates a cozy warm nuance. A glass sliding door then lets the natural light and creates a wider impression.

Gorgeous Neutral Decor

Small Bathroom Decor 16
Source: viviehome.com

The exposed concrete nuance of this bathroom looks so enchanting. It creates a neutral overall look with a more textured touch. White flooring and ceiling help to brighten up the room since it has very limited space. A sophisticated wood vanity is the room’s central storage station, which also adds a warmer touch.

Unique Elegant Decor

Small Bathroom Decor 17
Source: KissedBloomCommunity

A bathroom wallpaper with a geometric pattern decorates the shower area of this bathroom which gives a distinctive decorative touch to its overall look. Next to the shower area, an accent wall in black behind the toilet complements it very well. The second color of the palette is light grey which neutralizes the nuance of the decor.

Simple Modern Decor

Small Bathroom Decor 18
Source: sivanayla.com

A stunning small bathroom decor which is a good inspiration to complete a minimalist home. White is the main color of the decor which is applied to the walls, fixtures, and pieces of furniture. An accent wall with a chevron pattern complements the grey wood flooring stylishly.

All Neutral Decor

Small Bathroom Decor 19
Source: @jfamulska

This small bathroom decor relies on texture to beautify its nuance. Three-dimensional subway tiles in white dominate the decor of the room which complements the overall look of the room. A wood countertop is the only element that gives another color to the room’s decor.

Catchy Modern Decor

Small Bathroom Decor 20
Source: @obsessed4interiors

A terracotta accent wall in the toilet area, brown tiles, and a colorful shower area beautify this bathroom which is actually dominated by white. Though the room is not really spacious, it still looks admirable and feels comfortable with those decor elements. It’s definitely a nice idea for you who want to have a minimalist bathroom with a more colorful vibe.

Pretty Pink Decor

Small Bathroom Decor 21
Source: stephaniecullensnyder

For you who are looking for a small bathroom decor with a feminine nuance, this idea is the one that you can’t miss. Here, pink is the main color of the palette which instantly creates a feminine vibe around the room. To balance the nuance, black and white are chosen as the other colors of the decor.

Vintage Farmhouse Decor

Small Bathroom Decor 22
Source: @ivonne878403wahner

Tons of vintage elements fill this small bathroom decor, creating a beautiful farmhouse overall look. Those wood planks that cover one side of the wall then give a stunning rustic touch to the room’s all-white theme. This one shows you how to bring tons of elements to your decor even when you have a bathroom with limited space.

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So those are some inspiring small bathroom decor ideas that you can copy right away. They don’t create a very admirable overall look but also a comfortable vibe at the same time.

Have a good time decorating your small bathroom!

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