Preparing for New Year’s Cottage Renovations

cottage renovation

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The cottage is your home away from home and a respite from the hectic pace of everyday life. Knowing that your cottage is your sanctuary, it’s natural for you to want every space to reflect that. This may necessitate some remodelling work for some.

Renovations may help you fall in love with your place again, as well as boost its practicality and market value. This is especially true when working with trustworthy realtors like Muskoka Real Estate representatives.

A restoration entails much more than hammers and nails. To give you an idea, here are four things to think about before starting your project during the planning step.

Locate Your Contractors

While winter might be a quiet season for contractors, many respected builders and contractors can book up early in the year, particularly for those hoping to have work done in the spring or summer. Booking an appointment with a contractor as soon as feasible may assist to reserve your position and provide additional scheduling alternatives.

If feasible, speak with many contractors to verify you’re receiving the greatest quality and pricing for the project.

Prepare for Paperwork

While permits are not normally necessary for minor aesthetic changes in a room, such as floor replacement or painting, anything beyond that will almost certainly necessitate a discussion with a building official. When filing a permit application, a range of papers, including the following, are frequently required to be supplied with it:

  • Renovation nature
  • Property survey
  • Blueprints and floorplans
  • Engineering reports
  • Plumbing diagrams
  • HVAC system chart

Expect delays while filing for a permit, since being confined to our houses during the pandemic has resulted in a big inflow of individuals eager to do their own home improvements, and so many municipal agencies are backlogged with these permission applications.

Know What You Want

While you’ve probably been thinking about your cottage makeover for a long time before committing to it, it’s a good idea to restate your goals for the restoration.

Some contractors are all-in-one, which means they can assist you with anything from architecture to interior design. Otherwise, you’ll have to determine everything from carpet alternatives to faucet materials on your own or with the aid of independent consultants.

Plan for Delays

Contractors aren’t the only ones who have been delayed. Global supply chain difficulties are still very much apparent in many parts of the home restoration business even this may years into the pandemic Plumbing components, flooring, specialised worktops, light fixtures, or other appliances can and frequently are on backorder and can take weeks, if not months, to arrive. This emphasises the importance of preparation since the sooner you make design selections and submit orders, the sooner they will arrive for you.



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