Easy DIY Small Bedroom Storage Solutions to Try Now

The trend of a simple and small bedroom is increasing and loved by a lot of homeowners. It’s because a small bedroom offers a cozy personal space where you can reach everything easily without hassles.

Small Bedroom Storage
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One of the main challenges that you may find in creating a minimalist bedroom is to provide enough storage stations around. With such limited space, you can’t really place a lot of pieces of furniture here and there.

Rest assured, in this article we share with you some inspiring small bedroom storage solutions that you can copy now!

Small Bedroom Storage Solutions

Small Bedroom Storage 1
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Use a nesting nightstand

Nesting table is known to provide ample storage station in the limited space since you can adjust it based on your needs. Using the table as a nightstand is definitely a good solution for you to have a convenient storage space close to your bed. You can simply expand the smaller tables when you need more space and slide them back inside whenever you want to have extra space.

Always add a bench

As you may have known, a bench is one of the most popular additions to complete a bedroom. It provides a cozy sitting area and storage at the same time. You can choose the bench which comes with hidden storage underneath the seating if you prefer to store your stuff out of everyone’s visibility. For you who would like to display your stuff, choose a bench with open space underneath which is enough for you to put some chic baskets.

Utilize the walls

When you are dealing with a tiny bedroom to the point when you don’t have any space left on the floor, check your walls. It’s an underrated space that you can actually use to provide additional storage stations.

The simplest method is to use some hooks that you can use to hang some small items like necklaces, hats, and scarves. For a more advanced option, consider installing some floating shelves made of sleek wood board that you can use to display some of your favorite items.

Turn the dresser into nightstand

You can’t really have a cozy bedroom without any existence of a nightstand. To provide more storage, turn the dresser into your nightstand. This is a good way to avoid adding unused pieces around your bedroom with limited space.

Add some baskets

If you love to have some throw blankets and pillows in your bedroom, consider using some baskets to keep them. The throw blankets and pillows can really take up a lot of space in your bedroom and the baskets can keep them neatly when you don’t use them.

Choose double-duty bedding

Today, you can find bed frames that come with built-in drawers and shelves. Of course, you can significantly reduce the number of storage furniture to complete your bedroom. Some beds even come with a very spacious storage space that you can find by lifting the bed.

Build your shelves

Instead of adding shelves to your bedroom – which may take some space around – choose the built-in shelves that you can build directly on the walls. It’s a good way to utilize the corner of the room.

Bring some luggage racks

You may mostly find the luggage racks in hotel closets, and you can take inspiration from there. Bringing luggage racks to your very own bedroom is absolutely a great idea so you can have some flexible storage stations. They are so lightweight and foldable which allows you to use them whenever you need them.

If you don’t really have the space to place a bench, the luggage racks can replace it once you place them at the end of your bed.

Choose a double-duty headboard

Another gorgeous piece of bedroom furniture that offers you two jobs at once is a headboard which comes with built-in storage. The simpler one can come with floating shelves and the more advanced one can come with built-in floating cabinets. This type of furniture really helps you to help ample storage without any need to buy a lot of furniture.

Turn your desk into a bedside table

You may not really think that desks can work as bedside tables since they may be quite too big. However, there are tons of narrow desks that you can find in the market which will make a nice bedside table. A desk offers you ample storage space on the surface and underneath (by placing some cute baskets).

Decorate the room with your stuff

Since you can’t really bring a lot of art pieces to your small bedroom, why not turn your favorite stuff into some decor items? For instance, you can hang your hats on one side of the walls (with some easy hooks) beautifully so they can give a more aesthetic touch to the decor of the room. It’s a very good solution if you are running out of closet space.

Consider customized shelving

Yes, custom shelving can be quite expensive and require a lot of time and effort to build, but the result will totally amaze you. This type of shelving system allows you to have the storage space that you actually need which is enough to handle your items and fit the space available very well. The one which is designed to frame your bed also offers exceptional comfort to snuggle up in.

That being said, if you have an extra budget, the customized shelving should be included at the top of your list.

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So, those are some small bedroom storage solutions that you can keep in mind. Of course, not all of the options above will work for you, but you can choose one or two solutions that actually work for you.

Always get as creative as possible in providing ample storage in a small bedroom. You can mix and match the storage solutions above until you have a chic and cozy bedroom even with its limited space.

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