How to Decorate Living Dining Combo All by Yourself Like a Pro

The open floor plan fits really well both for a studio apartment and a modern home. This concept offers a nice airy layout which makes everyone love to stay around for hours and hours.

Creating a living and dining room combo is not that difficult, and you can get the job done all by yourself. Below we share with you a quick guide on how to decorate living dining combo that you can try right away!

How to Decorate Living Dining Combo

How to Decorate Living Dining Combo
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Separate the space with rugs

Rugs don’t only work to add textures, patterns, and colors to your house, they can also define the spaces when you are planning to have a living and dining room combo. Simply assign each space with a rug which is enough to create a nice separation between the living and dining space.

The rugs will tell everyone the start and end points of the living room and dining room even without a solid structure that separates them. There are tons of rugs that are made of various materials and designed in various styles, always find the one which fits the decorating style of the rooms properly.

Divide the space with a couch

In creating an open floor concept, a screen doesn’t really fit to complete the house in dividing the spaces. The pieces of furniture can actually get the job done properly.

The most popular option is to use the couch as the room divider since its back makes a nice division while keeping the open concept itself. The easiest placement is to put the back of the couch to face the dining room. Then, you can start placing the other pieces of furniture like the coffee table, accent chairs, end tables, and so on.

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Choose a bistro table instead of an island

A kitchen island might not be necessary when it comes to combining a living room and a dining room. Further, a kitchen island doesn’t really fit when you are dealing with limited space around.

That being said, choose a bistro table to complete your dining space which is enough to provide a designated eating place. You can use the space with a bistro set to enjoy your morning coffee or daily dinner then use the chairs to provide an extra sitting area when some friends come over.

It’s a good way for you who often hold a fun movie night instead of an elegant dinner party.

Characterize each space differently

Giving each space with different decorating style is a simple way to define the living and dining space even when you don’t use any dividers at all. There’s no need to try hard in executing this step. You can try to simply make the living room look more colorful with an eclectic style and the dining room look simpler with a monochrome/minimalist style.

This contrasting nuance is enough to define your living and dining combo in a very gorgeous way.

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