How to Create Safe Bathroom Surroundings

The bathroom is one of the most dangerous spots in a house that can cause injury due to its slippery surrounding. For people who have children or live with elders, creating a safe home environment, including a bathroom has to be the top priority. Of course, the purpose is no other than to make sure that everyone is safe when using it.

How to Create Safe Bathroom Surroundings

There are numerous ways that you can do to make a safe surrounding in your bathroom for everyone living in the house and also the guest. Of course, there are some spots that we might miss from the inspection but at least we have most of the spots covered.

How to Create Safe Bathroom Surroundings

In this article, we have prepared some tips to consider when designing a bathroom. If you are planning to renovate your current bathroom, you are on the right page!

Proper Lighting

We know that lighting is a very important feature in any room because it helps us to have an easier view, especially in a bathroom that has many slippery spots. Choosing a particular lighting fixture for aesthetic purposes is good, but it would also be better to choose one with proper light.

First, you can consider LED lights if you’re going with something budget-friendly. LED lights can give both decorative and functional purposes at the same time. However, if you are planning to use something dimmer, install some on several spots so every corner has balanced lighting.

Consider Walk-In Bathtub

One of the methods that can create a safe environment is by making every feature easy to access, including a bathtub. If you are planning to install a bathtub, choose a walk-in style for more efficient usage. For this one, you would need to consult a professional to get the right design, and position, and lessen the water escape.

Cover Sharp Edges

How to Create Safe Bathroom Surroundings.

Just like the other rooms, covering exposed sharp edges can also help to minimize injuries. For example, if you have a vanity closet with sharp edges, you can cover them with adhesive guards or cover items that you can find on the internet.

Also, if your bathroom has stones or rocks either as main materials or accents, check them and make sure that they are safe enough for everyone. You can also call the experts on how to make it looks good and safe.

Water Temperature

Burn injuries from hot water are just as dangerous as slipping so making sure the water has the right temperature is also important. Monitoring the right water temperature also helps you to get a safe bathroom environment to prevent burns. You can adjust the thermostat temperature so it doesn’t go more than 120 degrees F.

Make Everything Reachable

Creating safe bathroom surroundings can be done with something that may look simple but sometimes missed from our attention. It’s by making every bathing essential easy to reach. It’s even better if those items that you use often are on the same eye level as the adults, so the elders and you don’t have to tiptoe.

This is also applicable if you have children to prevent them from climbing on the drawer or non-slip-proof tools when you are not around. You can either buy a sturdy stool to step on or have a separate space for your little one’s necessities.

Invest in Good Bath Mats

Another simple item that can make enhance safety in a bathroom is a bath mat. Since a bathroom has a wet area, providing a good slip-proof bath mat is a great decision. Place those mats in spots that can become close to the source of water spills such as the bathtub, sink, and shower area.

Another option is to choose ceramic flooring and add grout lines to create a coarse surface. This can add a unique texture design and also reduce slipping problems.

Install Grab Bars

Injuries caused by slipping can be severe especially if it falls right on the head. Adding grab bars beside the bathtub or shower area can minimize possible injury. In general, there are two types of grab bars that you can find.

They are a wall-mounted style, which is more durable and does not easily fall off the wall. The second model is the one with suction cups which can be slightly cheaper but have less grip strength.

So, those are some recommendations that you can include in your bathroom improvement list to create a safe bathroom environment. Some of these lists may look like nothing and are underrated but they are worth considering.

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