How to Keep Bathroom Clean and Fresh | 6 Simple Daily Routine

Whether it’s a guest or master bathroom, we’re sure that you don’t want to have a smelly one. Yes, a bathroom is one of the high-traffic rooms that we use every day so it may look ‘normal’ if it’s smelly and dirty. On the contrary, since we use it every day, it has to be clean and smells fresh for our comfort.

How to Keep Bathroom Clean and Fresh
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There are a few causes that can make your bathroom looks dirty and smells bad, for example, dampness, mildew, and clogged drainage. You can always prevent this from happening with some simple routines that you can do weekly and even daily.

How to Keep Bathroom Clean and Fresh

Some tips that we have prepared for you to keep your bathroom stays clean and fresh are down below so keep reading!

Simple Daily Habits

Yes, there are some simple daily habits or routines that can help your bathroom stays away from any bad smell, mold, and mildew.

  • Put away wet towels or clothes in a laundry basket or drying hanger instead of piling them up inside the bathroom. Piled damp fabric will produce a bad smell and mold if they stick to the wall.
  • Make sure that you wash everything after showering so that there is no leftover product that may cause stains.

Regular Inspection

Checking every corner of the bathroom regularly can also help you identify if there are any issues to fix. You can do this every two weeks or once a month.

  • Check the area around the sink or toilet to see if there’s a leak that becomes the manifestation of mold.
  • Clean the area that may produce bad smells such as toilet, sink, and sink drains.

Ventilation is The Key

Of course, this is one of the factors that play a big role when it comes to an enclosed room. Having a good ventilation system is important, whether it’s from the windows or exhaust fans.

If your bathroom has big windows, then you can just simply open them to let new fresh air enter the room. Meanwhile, if you use exhaust fans, you can turn them on for a while after showering so the dampness and moisture are sucked out.

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Resolve Clogged Sink Immediately

Facing clogged sinks or drains alone is annoying, not to mention the smell that it can cause to the whole bathroom. There are several things that cause it like hairs, grease, conditioner, and soap residues. Resolve this issue with some simple steps:

  • Pour some baking soda or boric acid into the sink. You can also mix it with lemon squeezes or vinegar for freshener purposes.
  • Pour boiling water into the sink and let it sit for a few minutes.
  • Rinse with another boiling or regular water.
  • Use a snake drain to take out hairs that cause the clog.

Invest in Good Bath Mats

Investing in a good bath mat is something optional but you can definitely consider it. There are tons of bath mats made of various materials but some of them didn’t absorb moisture well. Pick the one that can absorb water faster so it minimizes the chance of bad smells.

Room Freshener Products

Another optional item that you can consider using is a room freshener such as a reed diffuser, automatic air freshener, or essential oil.

For reed diffusers and air fresheners, you can just put them in a spot where the air flows (windows or exhaust fans). As for essential oils, some people choose to put a few drops in the toilet tank.

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