6 Tips to Create Inexpensive and Fun Star Wars Themed Bedroom

Do you want to remodel your kid’s bedroom with a special theme? A Star Wars Themed bedroom will be a good idea for your kids. Even for you, Star Wars fanboy and fangirl, a Star Wars themed bedroom is like a dream come true.

However, a full premium Star Wars themed bedroom can cost a lot of money. Here, we give you some tips you can use to create an inexpensive Star Wars themed bedroom. It is very fun, but it will not drain out your pocket.

May “the Force” be with you!

Star Wars Themed Bedroom

Pick Your Side

As we know, basically there are 2 factions that are in a war in the Epic Star Wars Franchise, Rebellion and Galactic Empire. First thing first, you have to pick your side in order to decide how you will decorate your Star Wars themed bedroom.

If you choose to be with Luke and Leia Skywalker against their father in Rebellion, you can paint the wall with the color characteristic of rebellion. White and blue accent represents the color of R2-D2 or Green that represent Master Yoda are several colors you can choose.

Don’t forget to put rebellion badge as one element in your decoration. In addition, you can put a Millenium Falcon or many Rebellion space shuttle as wall decals to decorate the wall.

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On the other side, black and red will be your major color if you’re into Galactic Empire. But, don’t use black or flagrant red as your wall paint. Use those colors in bedding set, wall decals, or curtain.

You can choose white as the neutral color for your wall. It represents the famous stormtroopers by the way. Additionally, can’t you miss Galactic Empire badges and the wicked Darth Vader for decoration. In addition, characters such AT-AT Walker, Captain Phasma, Darth Maul, or TIE Fighter can be some option you can use for wall decals.

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Put on Star Wars Themed Bedding Set

The bed always becomes the focal point of the bedroom, then you can put on Star Wars Themed Bedroom for your bedding. There are many kinds of Star Wars bedding set you can choose in the market. If you want to make up your bedroom, choose a more minimalist bedding set.

Star Wars Themed Bedroom

Credit: Ebay

An iconic Darth Vader helmet in black or red bed cover is quite enough for your bedroom. If you’re into Rebellion, A Master Yoda or Millenium Falcon Bed Cover is quite enough. On the other hand, you can choose a more fun and colorful bedding set for the kid’s bedroom. A Star Wars Lego themed bedding set will be a cute and fun choice for your kids.

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X-Wing Fighter Bed for The Junior Star Wars Fanboy

X-Wing fighter is one of the most iconic characters in Star Wars. Yep! You can add an X-Wing Fighter bed for your Rebellion HQ. Make your kid’s dreams as The Rebel’s pilot and fight the TIE Fighter from the Empire. You can buy it in many merchants and providers. If you have a limited budget, you can make it by yourself. There are many DIY instructions you can use to make it.

Star Wars Themed Bedroom

Credit: Home My Design

Meanwhile, for the Empire side, you can choose the X-Wing Fighter counterparts as your bed. TIE Fighter bed is always the good choice. As the shape is not too complicated as X-Wing, it will be easier for you to make.

Furniture for Your Rebellion HQ or Your Death Star

Your Rebellion HQ or your Death Star won’t complete if you don’t have cool Star Wars furniture to complement it. There are many products of Star Wars Bedroom furniture you can opt but choose the coolest and cheapest for your own.

Black finish with Red accent furniture with Galactic Empire badge on the drawers and chest is a must if you’re into the “dark side”. But, you need a more out-of-the-box Star Wars furniture set if you join the Rebellion. A more creative and sophisticated furniture R2-D2 trash bin or Millennium Falcon drawers can be one alternative you can choose.

For a cheaper one, you can make DIY or custom furniture to create a more out-of-box Star Wars Themed Bedroom of your own?

Whimsical Starry Lighting

For the lighting in the Star Wars themed bedroom, you can make it luminous and dim to represent the darkness of the Galaxy and the sparkling star. A lightsaber lighting will be a good addition for your Star Wars Themed Bedroom. Additionally, you can create a Whimsical Starry Lighting to represent the millions of star in the galaxy.

When the light goes off, there will be thousands of sparkling star in your ceiling. Your kids will imagine about the war in the galaxy far far away and dream about the glorious experience.

In another way, you can make a DIY starry lighting with a small effort by following these steps:

  • Firstly, prepare a glossy paper and then punch some holes randomly to the paper. Use a paper puncher or a nail to do it.
  • Secondly, roll up the punched paper and put that paper into a jar.
  • After that, put a source of light into the jar. Put the jar on the desk or drawers near the wall.
  • Voila! You have a simple starry lighting of your own.

Put Some Star Wars  Decoration

When everything has been set together in its place, for final touch add some Star Wars decoration. You can use wall decals, wall sticker, or even just Star Wars action figure on the desk. Usually, if you’re the Rebellion Army, you will add an R2-D2, Luke Skywalker, Green or Blue Light Saber, or Master Yoda as your wall decoration.

For kid’s bedroom, apply cute mini Star Wars themed wall decals or funny Star Wars Lego on the desk. Meanwhile, there are a lot of options you can add for a grown-ups bedroom. You can put more adult action figures, wall decals, X-wing Fighter or TIE Fighter miniatures, it will be a marvelous Star Wars decoration in your bedroom.

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