The Five Main Advantages of Having a Security Camera

Is it okay to skip installing a security camera?

Absolutely! It’s not a requirement for homes or offices to install one. However, you will be missing out on a lot of advantages if you won’t make use of one. This post will discuss such advantages. For more information on security cameras, different set-ups, and topics such as reasons for blurry security cameras, you should check out SmartSecurity’s site.

security camera
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What is a security camera?

A security camera or Closed Circuit Television (CCTV) is composed of a camera, a display monitor, and a recording device. It is a wonder of modern technology that allows different spaces – from homes to offices – to be fully secured and monitored 24/7.

Different Kinds of Security Cameras

The following are the different kinds of security cameras:

  1. Wired Indoor Cameras

These security cameras have coaxial cable or ethernet cable that allows for easy connection between the recording device and the camera. They usually come in a dome design that allows for a wider field of view. They are normally installed by professionals.

  1. Wireless Indoor Cameras

These security cameras are also referred to as IP cameras or WiFi cameras. They function by connecting to a WiFi network and storing data in the cloud. These kinds of security cameras do not require any cable installation. They are very easy to set up. They simply need to be plugged into power. Wireless indoor cameras come with many modifications, some can come as baby cams while some can even dispense treats to pets. Wireless indoor cameras can also record the humidity, temperature, and air quality in a room.

  1. Wired Outdoor Cameras

These kinds of security cameras are wired to a central recording device. They are usually bullet-style – long and cylindrical. They are versatile as they can be mounted on walls or ceilings. Wired outdoor cameras do not need to be plugged into an outlet. For a good set up though, it is best if they’re installed by professionals.

  1. Wireless Outdoor Cameras

These kinds of cameras are highly durable as they can stand nasty weather. The fact that they don’t rely on wires adds to their versatility and strength. They are usually mounted on walls so they often come with a specialized mounting plate and screws. They perform better than bullet cameras because they can cover a larger area.

  1. Wire-free Outdoor Cameras

These cameras don’t rely on power outlets as they are battery-operated. They remain active even during blackouts. They have an energy conservation mechanism so they only record footage when they detect motion. Wire-free outdoor cameras are very easy to install. Some come with dedicated solar panels for easy continued use.

  1. Floodlight Cameras

These security cameras come with a large floodlight. There are perfect outdoor cameras because they automatically turn on when motion is detected. Its large floodlights help in the clear capturing of footage at night. Its lights can be set to rely on power outlets or your current lighting wires.

  1. Video Doorbells

These security cameras are very popular. This is because they are good replacements for standard doorbells. This camera is sensitive to motion. It starts recording and automatically alerts the two-way audio on your smart speaker, smart TV, or smartphone when it detects motion. The person by your front door will then be able to hear you but not see you. They are ones that are powered by outlets and ones that are powered by batteries.

The Five Main Advantages of Having a Security Camera

Advantage #1: Reduction in the rate of crime

Homeowners and establishments with security cameras greatly help in the maintenance of peace and safety in a community. This is because their installed security cameras are effective in deterring criminals. Studies have shown that criminals do not proceed with their plans if they see that there are security cameras in a given area. The mere sight of security cameras can scare criminals away. This is especially the case with amateur criminals or would-be first-time offenders.

Advantage #2: Easy monitoring

Monitoring is key in ensuring the peace and safety of your home and your community. This is something that security cameras can easily provide. In a perfect world, you would be able to do everything that you need while monitoring everything that needs to be looked after. Such is not the case though. And this is a situation that security cameras can easily provide a solution to. With them, you can have an eye on everything that you care for even if you’re busy or not there.

Advantage #3: Easy gathering of evidence

The thing with experiencing any kind of crime is apart from the fact that you have to deal with the crime itself, you also have to go out of your way to convince everyone that a crime indeed took place. Alleging any kind of crime against any person is a heavy task. The court will not listen and give due attention if you can’t present good evidence. This is something that a security camera can easily do. As it easily records everything, all you have to do is access the files and you’d have all the evidence you’d ever need.

Advantage #4: Total Control

A security camera will give you total control because you’d get to monitor your space at any given time. You’d get to see everything that has happened even if you weren’t looking and even if you weren’t there. This is a solid benefit that today’s surveillance technology can now easily offer.

security camera
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Advantage #5: Peace of Mind

Security cameras remove the need to stress over one’s home or business security. With functional ones properly installed, you’d get to easily sleep soundly at night. You’d have no worries whatsoever as everything that is yours is fully monitored, protected, and taken care of.

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