15+ Festively Stylish Toddler Girl Bedroom Ideas On A Budget

Decorating your toddler’s bedroom sometimes can be so tricky of which there are lots of things to consider. The themes, safety, security, and, of course, budget are some things that you have to really think about.

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Yup, when you decorate a room for your toddler, it’s not only about how it looks but also it has to be as comfortable as possible. The room should provide an inviting atmosphere that your toddler can enjoy all the time.

But there’s the wrong notion about decorating the toddler’s bedroom, most parents think that they have to prepare lots of budgets to have a proper room for their toddlers. In fact, if you search deeper for the toddler girl bedroom ideas on a budget, you will find some surprising inspirations to try.

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Here, we have picked some inspiringA�toddler girl bedroom ideas on a budget for your ultimate reference when you are about your beloved lilA�girl’ room. They are literally adorable and affordable at the same time to provide great comfort for your toddler.

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Toddler Girl Bedroom Ideas On A Budget

DIY Bed Canopy

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Installing a canopy to your lil girl’s bedroom is always a good idea to add a catchy focal point to the room’s decor. You can create your own bed canopy by using some pretty drapes.

Then, hanging a lovely chandelier will be a nice thought to bring a more stylish touch.

Festive Wall Gallery

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Talking about festive decoration, the spot where you can’t leave to maximize it is the wall. Hanging some wall art or photo frames are the easiest way to make it look admirably decorative.

In thisA�toddler girl bedroom ideas on a budget, the wall is used to display lots of catchy decor items. The DIY colorful garland, hanging shelves with cute stuff on, and some dolls give an attractive touch to this bedroom’s overall look.

Safari-themed Wall Art

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The effortless DIY project which should be included in yourA�toddler girl bedroom ideas on a budget plan. This is a cute wall art with safari theme that will add another style to your beloved girl’s room.

You just need some wood blocks, craft paint, and animal pictures to create this catchy decor in no time!

Play with Easy Colors

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An all-white bedroom is always a great choice since it can make a small space looks much larger and brighter, yet for a toddler room, it will be too boring. Therefore, playing with some colorful decor items and accessories is the right thing to do.

Here, the cheap and easy DIY wall art in colorful style decorate the room attractively. Then, the festive blanket and dresser knobs give a more adorable touch to this bedroom’s decor.

Hanging Library

toddler girl bedroom ideas 21-min

ThisA�toddler girl bedroom ideas on a budget shows you how to arrange the storybooks that you read to your girl attractively. They can be part of the room’s decoration and create an exhilarating nuance around.

The hanging shelves are used to keep the books neatly, and with the letter wall art, the decor becomes way more admirable.

Chic Ladder Decor

toddler girl bedroom ideas 15-min

A ladder can surprisingly beautify the decor of the room if you know how to properly use it. With the small efforts like giving the chic finish and adding a string light, you can have a beautifully creative decoration.

The ladder can also become the space to store your lil girl’s clothes in a gorgeous way.

Festive Hanging Lanterns

toddler girl bedroom ideas 16-min

For you who want a more distinctive look, thisA�toddler girl bedroom ideas on a budget can be one of your inspirations. The hanging lantern surely becomes the focal point here on which gives a superb attractive touch.

Then, the festive bed set is chosen to complete the decorative look of this all-white toddler bedroom.

Play with Wall Decal

toddler girl bedroom ideas 22-min

Wall decal can be an easy and cheap solution for yourA�toddler girl bedroom ideas on a budget. It can decorate the wall beautifully with very small efforts that you need to do.

Here, the big decal gives a simply nice touch to a white wall, creating a cozy atmosphere that your girl can enjoy.

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Catchy Cheap Storage

toddler girl bedroom ideas 17-min

Playing with storages can be an easy step to create an adorable toddler bedroom. You can purchase some colorful storage boxes which can give the attractive touch to a plain rack.

Here, the mixture of red and gray is chosen to give a colorful touch to a white big rack.

Display the Art

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This one is unique wall art which you can use to display your toddler’s inner artist skill. You can easily make this one at home by using easily available materials.

Or if you just want to purchase this wall art, just go to Etsy and find the product which is offered at $18.

Old Frame Beauty

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Another nice option to display your lil girl’s work which is definitely worth to try for yourA�toddler girl bedroom ideas on a budget plan. By using some old used frames which are re-finished with some catchy colors, you can have an attractive decor to enjoy.

It is such a nice idea to create not only an adorable toddler bedroom but also a playful one.

Play with Stripes

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A stripe pattern always creates a nice chic touch to every room’s decor, creating an inviting atmosphere perfectly. You can try to apply such look to your girl’s bedroom which everyone will surely love.

Double Shades Decorative Wall

toddler girl bedroom ideas 26-min

ThisA�toddler girl bedroom ideas on a budget look so wonderful with its two-tone major wall which you can try easily and cheaply. To make it way more attractive, the wall is decorated with polka-dot pattern.

Ribbon Wall Art

toddler girl bedroom ideas 27-min

A pretty wall art with ribbon accent which will enhance the beauty of your toddler’s bedroom. You can easily create this wall art by using cheap materials.

Create a Wild Atmosphere

toddler girl bedroom ideas 28-min

The stunningly gorgeousA�toddler girl bedroom ideas on a budget to create an inviting atmosphere nuance perfectly. The tent surely becomes a focal point here which creates an adventurousA�nuance for your girl to enjoy.

This idea can also be an ultimate inspiration for you who love boho style for your toddler girl bedroom.

Go with Pallet

toddler girl bedroom ideas 13-min

This one is an inspiringA�toddler girl bedroom ideas on a budget for you the hardcore DIYers. The headboard is made of wood shipping pallet which looks creatively adorable.

Some decor items then attached to the pallet to make it much cuter. Notice the hanging accent which is made of the paper, resembling the look of a chandelier.

It’s a surely a superb DIYA�toddler girl bedroom ideas on a budget that you have to try.

Play with Socks

toddler girl bedroom ideas 14-min

An effortless and costlessA�toddler girl bedroom ideas on a budget which will give a unique touch. Here, you just need to use some festive colorful stocks to decorate the furniture in her bedroom.

Display the Dolls

toddler girl bedroom ideas 29-min

Barbies are surely every girl’s best friend, and displaying them in her bedroom is surely a great idea to try. In this idea, they are placed on a floating shelf with glass, creating a beautiful touch that your girl will fall in love deeply.

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Hanging Stuffed Dolls

toddler girl bedroom ideas 30-min

This one is a very creativeA�toddler girl bedroom ideas on a budget which is so unique. The dolls are placed on hanging drapes beautifully.

Hanging Butterflies

toddler girl bedroom ideas 31-min

The creatively smart idea to decorate your toddler girl’s bedroom cheaply. You just need to prepare some craft paper, then creates some butterflies easily.

The key to making it look as attractive as possible is the arrangement of the butterflies.

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Floral Fence Decor

toddler girl bedroom ideas 9-min

Another unique cheap decor for your ultimate toddler girl bedroom on a budget inspiration which will become a superb focal point. This one is inspired by the garden fence which looks so admirable.

Toddler Pallet Bed

toddler girl bedroom ideas 33-min

Yup adding a full pallet bed to your toddler girl’s bedroom is never a bad idea. You can make this kind of bead easily and cheaply at home.

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Play with Cardboard

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Cardboard is one of the most favorite materials for many DIYers since it can cope with dozens of projects. Here, the cardboard becomes a nice catchy spot to display some decor items.

You can also use as a showcase for your toddler girl’s work of art.

Pallet Wall Art

toddler girl bedroom ideas 7-min

Yeap, wood shipping pallet is the best friend for all DIYers, it’s just so easy to make lots of surprising decor items out of this super easy material, In thisA�toddler girl bedroom ideas on a budget, the pallet is turned into a gorgeous wall art with chic giraffe painting.

It has a very catchy color combination which will add a nice colorful touch to your toddler girl’s bedroom.

Paper Balloon Lantern

toddler girl bedroom ideas 5-min

The attractive decor stuff which will cheer up the atmosphere of your toddler girl’s bedroom perfectly. This one is a modified paper lantern which is so simple to make by using some cheap materials.

You just need to prepare some paper lanterns in random colors, small basket, and kite string. It will be an adorbs decor to decorate her room’s ceiling.

Hanging Display Boxes

toddler girl bedroom ideas 6-min

This adorableA�toddler girl bedroom ideas on a budget is made of wine cases. So, if you have some wine cases scattered in your basement, it’s time to turn them into something useful like this one!

Safari Wall Hooks

toddler girl bedroom ideas 4-min

Choosing safari as the theme of your toddler girl’s bedroom is always a great idea to try. Such decor items will create a catchy adventurous touch that your girl will surely enjoy.

This one is another inspiringA�toddler girl bedroom ideas on a budget with safari style that you can copy. The materials include some animal toys, wood board, and mounting hardware.

You can give the animals any finishes that you really love, and this hot pink option is definitely worth to go.

DIY Cloud Rug

toddler girl bedroom ideas 3-min

A cute rug in cloud look which will be one of the focal points for your toddler girl decor. This rug will add a nice appealing texture to the room’s decor beautifully.

You can make one at home without any tricky steps or expensive materials needed.

Cute Toddler Stools

toddler girl bedroom ideas 31-min

If you are willing enough to deal with cutting wood and stuff, this DIY project should be included on your top list ofA�toddler girl bedroom ideas on a budget plan. The cute toddler stools with an animal look to provide additional seating spot and playful decor in her bedroom.

You don’t need any particular carpentry skill to create those adorable toddler stools.

Floral Wall Mirror

toddler girl bedroom idea 2-min

The creatively smart toddler girl bedroom ideas on a budget which will be a joyful decor for your her. You just need to draw some huge flowers on one side of your girl’s room then place a round mirror on its center.

Floral Photo Frames

toddler girl bedroom ideas on a budget 1-min

AnotherA�toddler girl bedroom ideas on a budget with the floral theme which is worth to copy. This one is a wall photo frame which will give a nice refreshing nuance to her bedroom.

The materials that you need to prepare are cardstocks in random colors, your beloved girl’s photos, and lamination paper. They are totally easy to make and won’t cost you a lot.

Toddler Girl Bedroom Ideas pinterest

So those are some mesmerizingA�toddler girl bedroom ideas on a budget that you can copy by yourself. You just have to choose the one that suits your taste and the overall look of your home.

Keep in mind to choose the decor items which don’t only look admirable but also safe enough for your beloved little girl!

Well, happy decorating your pretty girl’s room then!

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