Top Things to Take Into Consideration While Hiring a Plumbing Company

Homeowners often pick up a wrench and try to fix up the broken toilet by themselves. While doing some minor repair work and installing some basic fixtures

can be managed, installing proper pipelines or fixing major drainage issues is a problem only professional plumbers can effectively deal with.

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A licensed plumbing company can help you with more complicated projects, such as setting up plumbing fixtures in the laundry room, building a new bathroom, adding a shower to the bathroom, changing the plumbing layout of a remodeled kitchen, etc.

However, there are two different types of plumbing projects; Emergency Plumbing or Remodeling Plumbing.

  1. Emergency Plumbing

Emergency plumbers can show up on your door quickly. Such emergency plumbers can handle burst pipes, overflowing toilets, balky showers, and clogged bathtubs.

It is an essential service as they can offer fast solutions to big problems. Contacting an emergency plumber reduces any risk of damaging the house’s drywall, ceiling, or flooring due to water.

2. Remodeling plumbing

When you need to put in a new shower system or remodel the kitchen or the bathroom, you must schedule with a plumber specializing in conducting remodeling projects.

These plumbers understand the essence of time and can complete the work within the stipulated time while sticking to the predetermined budget. The cost of the whole remodeling project will differ based on the complexity of the project.

What to consider while hiring a plumbing company:

1. Check the plumber’s state licensing and other certifications

Check your state’s licensing page to discover whether a plumber is licensed and if any complaints against them are pending.

Just because a plumber is licensed, it doesn’t mean that the licensing authority recommends them. It just shows that the plumber has met the basic requirements to get a plumbing license and keep it.

2. Create a plumbing plan

Before calling a plumber, you must decide on a strong plumbing strategy. The idea doesn’t need to be developed down to the kinds and sizes of pipes and other plumbing fixtures, as your plumber will know the best ones to use for your needs and budget.

However, you must know what you want the end product to be. If the job is minor enough, the plumber will likely show up on time and ready to work. But, for full remodels, you must schedule consultation sessions with all the contractors involved to chart out a proper plan.

3. Remain flexible

While you may have a solid idea about the plumbing project in your washroom, kitchen, or laundry room, there will always be minor deviations in the plan. Some plans might look good on paper but are not always feasible to implement. So, you have to be a little flexible and listen to their inputs.

When you hire experienced plumbers, you can rest assured that they will put their expertise and experience to good use to ensure the work is done perfectly and on time.

4. Maintain a sheet of your estimates and expenses

When you are researching and seeking quotations from different plumbing companies, it is best to maintain a spreadsheet of the following information;

  • Hourly rates of different plumbing contractors
  • Hourly or service rates for non-plumbing tasks like opening a wall
  • Charges for waiting for any necessary parts
  • If they will obtain permits on your behalf
  • Projected start dates and the average time they will take to complete the job7.

5. Obtain a plumbing permit

Assuming that the plumber is not obtaining the permit on your behalf, then you must obtain the permit yourself as early as possible. You can also apply for such permits online.

With a permit application in place, you can begin the work, and the inspectors will check the work upon completion. The plumbing permit will be approved if the remodeling job is done and is up to the standards.

6. Buy plumbing fixtures yourself

Many plumbers supply valves, pipes, and other related parts. But, fixtures like toilets, sinks, bathtubs, and showers must be arranged by you or a general contractor.

7. Prepare the job site beforehand

To reduce labor and save money, avoid having the plumber worry about clearing out the working space or doing miscellaneous tasks. The quicker they do their job, the more money you will save.

8. Stay close to the job site

Many things will come up, and they will need your permission or help to sort, so it is best to remain within calling distance of the plumbers but out of sight when they are doing the work. However, do not hover too much as this will distract them, extending the project’s timeline.

Getting some repair work or a complete remodeling job done is a difficult task in itself. However, if you hire a good plumbing contractor, they will take a part of the burden off of your shoulders, obtain permits, and procure different materials.

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