Top Tools You Need For Your Garden

Whether you’re a budding gardener or you’re just looking to keep your home’s exterior neat and tidy, you’re going to need the right tools for the job. Every homeowner will need something slightly different to keep their garden at its best, but if you’re at a loss, then this blog can help you get started on choosing the equipment you need. And don’t worry, you can spend as little or as much as you want to – it all depends on your budget and your level of commitment to your garden.

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Leaf Blower

If you’re not planning on spending too much time out in the yard but want to maintain its manicured look, a leaf blower could be your new best friend. While a rake would also suffice, a leaf blower takes the manual labour out of tidying up. You can use this handy piece of kit during the autumn when dried leaves are covering your driveway, or even during the summer to sort out grass cuttings and hedge trimmings that are getting in your way. While a leaf blower is more of an investment than a rake, you can get the parts you need to fix your broken leaf blower fairly easily, so you won’t always have to buy a new one.


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All gardeners need a good pair of gloves. It doesn’t matter how often you make it out into the yard, gloves will protect your hands from thorns and irritating plants. It might be tempting to do a spot of weeding with your bare hands, but you never know when a plant is going to fight back by giving you a nasty scrape or rash. Gloves will also make it easier to keep your hands clean – it’s much easier to slip one-off and answer the phone instead of heading for the soap and water.


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Most gardens will have some kind of hedge, shrub or small tree that needs to be maintained. A sturdy pair of shears will help you to stop your garden from becoming overgrown, and you don’t even need much know-how to get to work. Just like a big pair of scissors, you can easily hack away at the top of a stubborn shrub to get it back to the size it used to be. Make sure you discuss the trimming of any shared hedges with your neighbours to check if they’re happy for you to make changes.


It’s surprising how fast grass can grow during the summer months, making a lawnmower a must-have for anyone with a larger patch of grass. If your lawn doesn’t grow that fast or it’s very small you might be able to get away with hiring a machine or a gardener to take care of things for you. But many people find themselves out of pocket when they pay the local teenager every other week to keep their garden in ship shape. Consider your finances and decide whether a lawnmower is a worthy investment.

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