5 Garage Organization Tips To Impress Home Buyers

 While one of the most important parts of a home, it can’t be denied that the garage can also be one of the most neglected. Because it’s out of the way and guests don’t usually walk through it, it’s not surprising why many homeowners put off cleaning and organizing their garages in favor of prioritizing the rest of the home’s interior first. As this kind of habit goes on, the garage can become an uncontrollable mess.

As you’ve decided to sell your home, you’re left with no choice now but to tackle your garage. Potential home buyers, whether companies around Ocean City Development or private buyers, will go through every single room of your house to evaluate whether or not your home is going to be a good buy. This means you now have to ensure your garage is clean, well-organized, and in top shape.

Here are five garage organization tips you can apply to start cleaning and decluttering, to further impress home buyers:

  1. Keep Things Off The Garage Floor

How many of you have your garage so cluttered to the brim that things are even left scattered on the floor? When this happens, unfortunately, you’re wasting square footage. This situation might also be the reason why you aren’t able to park your car anymore in your garage.

A good place to start in organizing your garage before putting it up for sale is to sort through all the things on your garage floor and put it all out of the way. You’ll free up so much more space for your car.

If you’re going to change your shelving units, you may also want to consider those with raised legs. These will make it easier for you to sweep and clean beneath the floor. It’s not just enough to have an organized garage. You also have to keep it as clean as you would your main home.

  1. Use Stackable Bins

If you’ve been stacking boxes one on top of the other on the floor and corners of your garage, you’d understand the frustrating situation when you have to get something from the bottom bin and everything just topples over. If this applies to your garage, that means your garage ceases to be effective. You’ll dread having to get something from there.

You can change this situation and make a more effective storage system by using stackable bins. These are those that are meant for stacking on vertical shelves. This allows you to maximize vertical space. It also makes your garage look more well organized when all your bins are of uniform kind, color, and style.

  1. Create Separate Sections In Your Garage 

The bigger your family, the more items you’ll also have to keep in your garage. This means you’ll need to have an organizational system that’ll make it easier for you to identify where certain items belong to. You don’t have to go through so many boxes just to guess where the kids’ sports things are or where the seasonal holiday decorations are placed.

A good organizational rule to follow is to create separate sections in your garage. Have one cabinet or one section solely for extra household supplies, another for seasonal decors, another for sports equipment, etc.

  1. Install High Cabinets

Don’t waste high space or any vertical space on the top most part of your garage. All you need is a ladder and you can already be able to reach even the topmost part of your garage. Those cabinets may still be empty at the moment. But if you keep accumulating more things, you’ll definitely be able to make use of those high cabinets. By doing so, you’re able to maximize as much vertical space as you can.

Together with using stackable bins, the choice of additional vertical cabinets depends on your preference and budget. If you prefer to keep your things hidden from plain sight, a cabinet with closed doors is your best choice. But it can also be more expensive to install.

If you have a source for uniform-looking bins and boxes, hanging open-wall shelves will work just fine. It’s cheaper, and all you have to do is label each bin so you know exactly what’s inside.

  1. Add A Small Bench And Foldable Table

There are foldable tables designs you can copy from the internet to have in your garage. Those tables can be opened and set up when needed. When not in use, it can be folded and kept pegged to a wall. The same applies to having a storage bench or foldable chairs.

Having a small table and bench in your garage improves its usability. Whenever there’s anything dirty you have to work on—like repairs, crafts, and other activities that create a lot of mess—you can work on those now in your garage and not inside your home. 


If your garage is so cluttered that you have trouble parking your car in it and you can’t even find things you’re looking for, that’s a sign for you to clean your garage. Your garage shouldn’t look like a hoarder’s paradise, especially once you open up your home to potential homebuyers. You can’t attract attention to your garage when its space can no longer be appreciated. The tips here can help you solve that problem so your garage stays clean and well-organized.

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