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Adding some cute succulents to your home decor will never be a bad idea. It can give a more natural vibe to the nuance of your decor in a very simple way.

Succulent is fairly easy to take care of in which you will not have to spend a lot of energy, time, and money to keep it alive. Also, you don’t have to spend much to purchase ones from your local store – an average of $2 for each!

To beautify the look and protect the succulent, of course, you will need some planters as their ‘home’. Attractive planters will surely enhance the beauty of your succulent in completing your home decor.

For sure, you can find tons of catchy planters which come in various shapes with a striking pattern. But here, you can have a planter that will surely amaze everyone and (perhaps) are not sold anywhere.

Yes, you can use those old thick dusty books as the main material of planters for your succulent. With very few materials and tools, you can make a gorgeous vintage book planter in a blink of an eye!

So, what materials and tools that you need to prepare? Let’s just keep scrolling to find out!

Unique DIY Vintage Book Planter

DIY book planter 1

Prepare these materials:

  • Thick vintage books (the ticker, the better)
  • Small succulents (refer to the size of the book to know how many succulents that you need)
  • Potting soil
  • Plastic bag
  • White glue
  • Dry moss (optional)
  • Decorative gravels (optional)
  • Prepare this tool:
  • Exacto knife
  • Metal ruler

Follow these steps:

  • You’re gonna need to stick some pages of the books as the main part of the planter. The number of the pages depends on the size of your succulent. To do this, use a very thin layer of white glue to stick one page to another. Leave it overnight to ensure that all pages stay firmly in one place, so you can easily make the hole to lay the plants.
  • When you’re sure enough that the pages are stuck firmly, you can start to make the square in the center of the book. First, measure the size of the square that you need (which, again, depends on the size of the succulent) by using an exacto knife and metal ruler. Once you got the size, start cutting few pages of the book, it would be best if you also use the metal ruler to cut the line properly.
  • To prevent the water from damaging the book, you need to line the squared hole with the plastic bag. Cut the plastic bag to the size of the hole, enough to cover its base and sides. If the hole is quite deep, adding some gravel at the bottom of the hole can add more drainage.
  • Now, you can start putting the succulents into the hole, but you may need to clean the soil on their roots by rubbing and tapping them. Pour the soil around the succulents, you have to make sure that it’s compact enough to hold the succulents and their roots in place.
  • Once the succulents stand nicely, you can decorate the surface of the soil with dry moisture or gravel. Besides for decorative purposes, dry most or gravel can also support succulents.
  • Trim the plastic bag until it’s hidden under the moss so you can have a neat overall look.
  • Clean up gently the remaining dirt on the surface of the book by using tissue.

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  • Cutting the pages of the book to create the hole for the planter is the step which takes up a lot of time and energy. You don’t need to make the sides of the hole in a ‘clean-cut’ way. It’s okay for the who hole to look a bit jaggy or torn up since it will be covered by the plastic bag, soil, and succulents anyway.
  • ‘Dig’ the hole by cutting few pages and pull them out at a time. Repeat the step until you get the perfect depth. Ideally, the hole should have around 1 1/2″ depth, but again, it depends on the size of the succulents.
  • As mentioned before, succulent is a fairly easy plant to take care of. You just need to spray your succulents once a week with a little bit of water. Keep in mind not to overwater your succulents since it can rot the roots. If you place your succulents indoor, make sure that it gets plenty of sunlight. It would be best if you put them by the window or regularly put them outside.

So, let’s go get some old books and make your own vintage book planter!

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