Washing Machines That Work Best (and Their Matching Dryers)

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Some of the best stackable washers and dryers on the market can be found for a wide price range and a variety of washing methods, after a thorough investigation of the state of appliance reliability, a visit to some quality-testing labs (and one factory), and an inquiry into some urban legends about laundry (and the best dryers to match).

LG WM4000H

You can’t go wrong with this LG stackable washer and dryer. A machine virtually similar to the WM3900H stacked washer dryer combo was tested instead, and it performed better on stain removal across the board and handled textiles more delicately while doing so than almost any other washer we tried. One load of laundry can be washed in half when it takes a standard high-efficiency washer to do so with the WM4000H. It offers a broad range of wash options, including a prewash option that helps loosen stains, higher heat settings, and additional rinse cycles. The WM4000H is a typical front-load washer in that it has a large capacity, is quiet, and is very water and energy-efficient.

To assist minimise the stench of mildew, a stackable washer dryer incorporates a unique door-propping mechanism. According to various sources, LG front-load washers have among the lowest repair rates among mainstream washers over the last few years, making them a popular choice. However, they won’t outlast your parents’ old Maytag in the long run. An ineffectual energy-saving mode is enabled by default on the LG DLEX4000 dryer; however, it can be turned off.

The control panels on LG’s washer and dryer are challenging to operate in low light. LG’s customer service is appalling, so it may be a pain if a repair is necessary under warranty. You may stack any 27-inch LG dryer (new or old) on top of the WM4000H, including the matching electric or gas dryers. The WM3700H from LG lacks several essential features but is less expensive, as the WM4370H from LG has a different door and control panel design. Both of these models are pretty comparable.

The EFLS627U from Electrolux

According to our tests and other reviews, the Electrolux EFLS627U stackable washer and dryer front-loader is the best stain remover available today. A reversible door and a specific chamber for dissolving detergent capsules evenly are two of its more unique features that some users may find helpful. However, washer and dryer stackable have a few drawbacks, like that it may damage your clothing more than a regular front-loader and that its cycles take longer than the LG’s. Even on its lowest heat setting, the EFME627U dryer performs well. In any case, keep in mind that the tiny vent pipes in Electrolux dryers are a notorious source of dependability issues, so be sure to avoid stacking these machines with another brand’s dryer.

Miele W1

Only a few manufacturers are still producing long-lasting washers. Many are akin to coin-operated laundromat machines regarding noise, fabric damage, inefficiency, and how well they clean. In contrast to all of the above, the Miele W1 is designed to last for a full 20 years. While the LG WM4000H performed well in our testing, this model’s expected lifespan is twice as long, and it’s just a few hundred dollars more expensive. With a capacity of less than half that of a standard 27-inch washer, it’s not ideal for large families. Miele models and experts are also challenging to locate in certain nation regions. The Miele T1 washer dryer stackable is a heat-pump dryer that doesn’t need a vent to operate. This results in a drying time of nearly double that of an ordinary vent dryer, but it is far more energy-efficient and can be used wherever there is a 120-volt outlet.

 WT7300C LG

It’s not as thorough, gentle, or efficient to clean with a top-loader as it is with a front-loader. However, mildew is seldom a problem, and some people prefer to use them since they are easier to unload. Others, on the other hand, just like the look. We propose the LG WT7300C stacked washer dryer if you want a top-loader. With less water and a shorter cycle time, this high-efficiency top-loader machine cleaned more stains than any other one we tested. Compared to other top-loaders (especially HE versions), this one is excellent at cleaning huge loads.

Also, if you’re concerned about your clothing being even cleaner, you may use the “Add Water” option. LG’s front-loaders are typically regarded as one of the best solutions you can buy in a big-box retailer. Still, we don’t know what to anticipate in terms of dependability and lifespan. However, customer service is abysmal.


Stackable washer and dryer sets may be helpful in certain instances, even if you don’t use them every day. There are ways to save space in a compact laundry room, such as stacking your washing machine and dryer on top of each other. If you have a tiny laundry room, this might enable you to add in a drying rack, a shelf for folding, or even a laundry room sink.

If you have an oversized laundry room, a stackable washer and dryer might allow you to maximise your floor area without sacrificing functionality. You will have to bend or stoop to load and unload a load of laundry since the washer is always a front-loader, which is lower than your typical height. If a front-loader is out of the question due to physical limitations, you may want to investigate a set of side-by-side best stackable washer dryers on risers or pedestals instead.

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