Ways to update your rented home

Statistics show that there were 4.43 million households occupied by private renters in England in 2021. Renting is certainly becoming more popular, with the surging cost of living and the rise in house prices meaning fewer people can afford to get onto the property ladder and become owners.

moving furniture

So, if you’re in rented accommodation and you think that’s unlikely to change any time soon, you might want to start thinking about how to make it more homely. Before you make any decisions, it’s important to speak to your landlord and check your tenancy agreement about what you can and can’t do, because the rules are not the same across the board.

Assuming that you are permitted to make some changes, here are a few suggestions for ideas you might like to try.

Get stuck into the garden

Not all rental properties will boast an outdoor space, of course, and if they do then some of them will be shared with other tenants. But if you’re lucky enough to have one with a garden of your own, you should treat it as an extension of the interior and make it feel as welcoming as possible. You might decide to plant a few flowers, fix the rotten fencing or even install some solar lanterns which create a peaceful ambience and can help guide you in the dark.

Select statement pieces of furniture

The beauty of furniture is that you can pick it up and take it with you when you move out, so it’s unlikely that your landlord will complain about any additions you make during your tenancy. It could be an eye-catching rug, a classic bookcase full of your favourite works or maybe even an old-fashioned grandfather clock. Whatever you decide, make sure it reflects your personality and allows you to feel more at home.

Use removable wallpaper

Your landlord may not appreciate you redecorating the entire property with a fresh coat of paint, but other alternatives are available. Removable wallpaper can prove the perfect option – it’s easy to put up and take down and means you can transform the aesthetic of the space without risking the wrath of the person you pay your rent to!

Add some house plants

House plants offer plenty of benefits in that they can improve the air quality as well as give off pleasant aromas. Not only that, if you’re a keen gardener but have been unable to find a property with a suitable outdoor space, they can be a great way to bring the natural world inside. Just remember to care for them properly and if they need regular watering make sure you have someone lined up to do that whenever you’re away!

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