What Type Of Flooring Is Best For My Home? A Guide To Home Flooring

You could quickly become indecisive when seeking the ‘right’ flooring for your domestic property. However, it could be helpful for you to consider at this stage how you want the rest of the home to look, so that flooring can be selected with this in mind.

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Of course, practical concerns come into play as well, and could lead you to choose one type of flooring for one room and a different type for another. Here is a rundown of various flooring options — and ways in which they can particularly excel.

Stone flooring 

This options works well in homes of either traditional or contemporary design, though exactly which kind of stone flooring you should go for will depend on where exactly in the house it is to be fitted.

For example, limestone, sandstone and granite are good choices for kitchens, while bathrooms can benefit from the less porous varieties of natural stone, like slate and marble.

Homebuilding & Renovating cites an approximate price of £30 per square meters for concrete flooring, though slate can be found at a lower price.

Hardwood flooring 

This is renowned for its warm, beautiful look. Furthermore, maintaining a hardwood floor by periodically sanding and refinishing it — especially if it is solid wood flooring, which comprises one solid piece of wood — can keep it going for decades or even centuries.

Nonetheless, hardwood flooring tends to be relatively expensive. “Costs for hardwood flooring like oak and maple are still elevated, with manufacturers facing prices 38% higher than at the start of the pandemic,” economist Mischa Fisher has warned in words quoted by Good Housekeeping.

Polished concrete flooring 

Despite its reputation for being environmentally unfriendly, polished concrete flooring is often made with the use of recycled aggregates and can last for decades before it needs replacing.

Aesthetically, polished concrete flooring has touches of both the contemporary and the industrial. So, it can look especially good alongside furniture of a similar style, such as tables to which industrial legs have been affixed.

These legs are available in a ‘box section’ shape as well as raw steel and powder coat finishes.


There’s hardly just one type of carpet. Yes, you can get traditional carpets made from synthetic fibers or wool — but what is known as ‘natural carpet’ is also available.

The range of natural carpentry options from which you can choose include jute, sisal, coir and seagrass. However, as both traditional and natural carpets call for specialist fitting, it would be worthwhile for you to look up professional carpet installers in your area before you proceed.

Laminate flooring 

When is stone or wood flooring, well, not stone or wood flooring? When it’s actually a board that simply shows photographic imagery of stone or wood instead.

That’s the principle behind laminate flooring, where a core board is made of compressed fibers and covered in a melamine wear layer, resulting in a toughened surface. Laminate flooring also has the bonus of being easy to install, and is best suited for laying in kitchens and bathrooms.

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