What You Should Know About Replacing Your Interior Doors

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Most homeowners ignore the importance of replacing interior doors in home remodeling projects. While interior doors provide functional benefits in a home, they have a significant aesthetic value. They provide an excellent visual impact on your home’s interior and shouldn’t be underappreciated or overlooked. Below are a few things you should know before ordering new interior doors in Australia from Doors Plus.

1. Understand the Benefits of Replacing Interior Doors

You should replace your interior doors for any reason. A key reason to replace your interior doors is if they don’t match your overall interior décor. Replacing interior doors makes the entire space feel more appealing and cohesive. Switching styles, such as installing sliding or pocket doors in small rooms, makes them appear bigger.

Replacing interior doors also increases property value. Upgrading standard interior doors to energy-saving and fire-resistant doors, especially in bedrooms, improves the safety features of your home, making it attractive to potential homebuyers. Changing old interior doors for new styles is also a low-cost option for upgrading your interior appeal.

2. What are the Types of Interior Doors?

Interior doors are made from different materials and types. Common types include fire-resistant doors, engineered wood, faux wood, solid oak, French, bi-fold, and accordion doors, among others. All materials and types have their pros and cons. For instance, glazed interior doors are best for homeowners who want more light in dark rooms.

To reduce light and sound transmission, you should consider wooden doors. Bi-fold doors are a great option for homeowners who want strong insulation with light transfer. French doors are best for making a statement. Always understand the various types for easy selection.

3. What are the Costs of Replacing Interior Doors?

While the cost of replacing interior doors varies, homeowners spend an average of $730 replacing their interior doors. What you’ll pay depends on the style, the number of doors required, and other activities involved when replacing the door, such as upgrading from traditional doors to pocket or sliding doors.

Fortunately, some types of doors can easily fit traditional frames. For instance, French doors can easily fit into the space of standard doors. Interior door style also significantly affects the cost. For instance, replacing standard doors with modern French doors costs between $600 and $4,500.

You should also factor in the labor costs incurred during replacement. Renovation contractors typically charge between $100 and $300 for interior door replacement projects. However, the costs can increase or decrease based on the number of doors and style.

4. Consider Changing the Interior Door Trim

You should consider changing the trim of your interior door if you don’t want to replace the entire door. Changing the trim of interior doors gives it a fresh look. This simple DIY project suits homeowners who want to save on renovation costs. There are various trim options for interior doors, ranging from large flared crown moldings to flat trims.


Replacing the interior door is an easy and valuable home improvement project. However, picking the right interior doors that align with your style and budget can prove challenging. Consulting interior design experts can ease this project.

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