Why Are Big City Families Buying Homes in Smaller Towns?

There is an interesting trend nowadays in North American housing markets. More people are moving from big cities to smaller towns and buying properties. For example, many professionals with families are moving from metropolitan cities like Toronto in Canada to smaller cities like Whitby. 

Why Are Big City Families Buying Homes in Smaller Towns 1

Interestingly, this phenomenon has resulted in a higher demand for new houses for sale in Whitby Ontario. The new residents are enjoying the smaller city’s rich history, vibrant culture, and natural beauty, such as Lake Ontario. 

So why are big city folk moving to smaller towns? 

#1 Remote Working

The pandemic had a significant impact on the way people work in larger cities. In order to observe safety protocols, most organizations adopted remote working protocols. While the pandemic may be on its last legs, remote working is here to stay, allowing professionals to move finally move away from bigger cities. 

Moreover, many small towns offer interesting business opportunities. Many people retire from work and move to smaller cities to explore new prospects. 

#2 Affordability 

Why Are Big City Families Buying Homes in Smaller Towns 2

Demand for homes and shortage of inventory have resulted in higher prices for homes in big cities. People with families can move to smaller towns and still find their dream homes for prices they can pay. 

It’s not just housing prices — the overall cost of living can be lower in a smaller city too. Many small towns have lower living costs compared to larger cities because of smaller demand and plentiful supply. Likewise, amenities such as gyms, small cinemas, and entertainment centres may charge lower rates. 

#3 Location

A smaller town usually offers peaceful and picturesque scenery. Small towns are close to natural attractions like lakes, rivers, and forests, untouched by the big city havoc. Residents in such areas can enjoy nature walks, swimming, or fishing. 

Although small cities offer smalltown attractions, they also typically have all the restaurants and amenities big city dwellers enjoy. Some small towns are located close to major metropolitan areas or near major highways that offer flexibility for commuting. 

#4 Friendly People

Why Are Big City Families Buying Homes in Smaller Towns 3

People in small towns are usually friendly, welcoming, and happy to help their new neighbours acclimatize to their fresh settings. Neighbours can help new residents get involved in local events and activities. A close-knit small community is caring and has a lower crime rate than a big city too. 

Small towns also offer excellent opportunities for residents to come together and develop meaningful connections. Events, such as markets, fairs, and festivals, are all part of small city attractions.

#5 Less Traffic

Commuting in a big city can be a hassle. It may take hours to drive a short distance, especially during peak hours, construction season, or bad weather. While public transport may not run as frequently in smaller cities, it’s easier to drive or walk without congestion. 

Less traffic also translates to less pollution. That’s why the air you breathe in a small city is better for your health. 

Overall, small towns can be better places to raise a family because of the greater affordability, lower crime rates, attractive properties, sense of community, and friendly people. Consider moving to a small town today to invest in your family’s future and well-being.

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