Why Washing in Cold Water Makes So Much Sense?

Have you ever wondered why most laundry services often use cold water when washing? Cold-water washing is cost-effective for laundromats. That’s why most of the laundry services in NYC prefer cold waters for most of their services. Hot water washing is only used when necessary.

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Why Washing in Cold Water Makes So Much Sense?

If you wonder why washing in cold water is preferred, here are some reasons that bring so much sense for this laundry method.

Cost-Effective and Energy Saver

Cold water washing requires lesser energy, reducing 75 to 90 percent of your energy consumption. In this way, you lower your monthly energy bills. Before laundry experts are wary of using cold water because laundry detergents do not dissolve efficiently in cold water. Luckily, there are high efficient laundry detergents that can be used well with cold water.

Eco-friendly Method

You are helping save and protect the environment by using cold water in your washes. According to experts, cold water helps release microfibers in the fabric into the environment. Moreover, the potential colors and dyes are well-absorbed, reducing the harm to the environment.

Best for Delicate Fabrics

You might notice the color of your clothes fades easily when using hot-water washing. Meanwhile, delicate clothes may shrink when washed at higher temperatures. Although it is an option for some fabrics, washing them in cold water prolongs their life if your clothes are delicate and colorfast.

When Not to Use Cold Water

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There are instances where you do not have to use cold water when washing your clothes, may it be at the laundry service near you or doing laundry at home.

  • Wash label says so. Most clothes have wash care labels on them. If it says to wash with warm water, then that’s the time you should not use cold water. However, cold-water washing is the best choice if your clothes do not have a label and you are unsure.
  • Clothes fabric. Sometimes warm water is best on some fabrics. It is easier to wash knits and synthetic fabrics with warm water.
  • Sanitizing clothes. We are in a pandemic, and sanitizing clothes is a common occurrence. You can wash your clothes and beddings in hot water to eliminate bacteria and stops the spread.
  • Dealing with tough stains. Cold water is not effective when removing stains, especially in white garments. The stain may set into the fabric if you wash it with cold water, except if the stain is blood or sweat.

You do not always have to wash your clothes with cold water. It is a good reminder to always check the wash label of your garments to ensure that you are using the right temperature setting.

Final Thoughts

Cold water is the better option for most laundry scenarios. It is the best laundry method for cutting expenses and saving the environment. Although cold water is not always the best option, you have to check the wash label instructions for your garments. Always use the right temperature setting for your laundry.

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