Why Window Shutters Are Perfect For An Eco-Friendly Home

Windows form an integral part of your home. They allow light, offer protection from harsh weather elements, and give some form of privacy. Traditionally, most windows were made of glass panes. However, thanks to innovation, this is no longer the case. Today, you can adopt many window coverings, from curtains to blinds to shutters. Window shutters are what this article discusses.

Why Window Shutters Are Perfect For An Eco-Friendly Home

By definition, window shutters are coverings on the inside or outside of your windows. They’re made of vertical frames on the edges, and horizontal rails at the center, top, and bottom. Between the rails, you’ll have louvers, glass, etc., which you’ll open and close to enable light to pass through. However, it’s essential to point out that you can also fix louvers or glass panes. 

As an eco-friendly homeowner, you probably wonder if window shutters are ideal for your home. Read on to discover why these coverings are the perfect addition to your home.

  • They Offer Thermal Insulation

It’s said that most homeowners are looking for ways to insulate their homes. Insulating ensures no heat gain or loss in your space, such that temperatures remain where they are, whether inside or outside your home. 

Window shutters from companies like Universal Shutters will help you achieve insulation through their design. As stated earlier, you can install louvers or glass panes. They don’t allow heat loss when shut, especially if they’re wooden and wood has its insulation properties. Therefore, your space will remain warm, eliminating the need to turn on your heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) unit. 

On the other hand, on hot days, you can open your window panes and leave the shutters closed. The windows will allow fresh air, with the louvers preventing heat from entering your space. You won’t need to use the air conditioner. 

The minimal use of your HVAC units leads to minimizing electricity use. In effect, this lessens your energy bills. The less use of electricity contributes to the eco-friendly nature of your home. 

  • They Require Minimal Maintenance

Before installing any element in your home, it’s often advisable to check the element’s maintenance needs. Minimal maintenance is often recommended to reduce expenses. Other window coverings like curtains require regular cleaning or laundry to ensure your home is dust-free. 

However, with window shutters, you don’t need to stress about regular laundry. It’s easy to clean as you only need to wipe it down with a damp cloth or a cleaning solution. Since the louvers don’t accumulate much dirt, you can extend the cleaning intervals without worrying about dirt accumulating in your home. In addition, you can purchase eco-friendly cleaning solutions or make homemade ones that contribute to the environment positively.  

It’s good to point out that you’ll need to paint the shutters, especially if they’re white. However, this shouldn’t worry you because there are eco-friendly paints you can adopt. 

  • They Help Regulate Lighting

Light is essential in any home. It helps you move freely and can positively influence your mood and wellbeing. Moreover, window shutters are beneficial when it comes to lighting in two ways.  

First, the louvers allow you to control the amount of natural light entering your home. Suppose it’s at night and you want privacy in your home. With other window coverings, you have to close them entirely, eliminating the entry of natural lighting. You have to rely on artificial lighting. The narrative is different with window shutters. You can angle the louvers to provide privacy while still allowing natural light. This lessens the need to use artificial lighting in a particular area of your house. However, if you prefer a brighter space, you can use soft artificial light instead of brilliant white. Soft lighting consumes minimal electricity, thus, more or less contributing to sustainability.  

Second, the ability to angle the louvers minimizes the entry of ultraviolet (UV) rays into your home. Without the shutters, direct sunlight will enter your home. Excess of it can cause glare that prevents you from watching your television comfortably or reading your novel. In addition, the excess UV rays can fade your furniture or, worse, it can cause skin cancer. However, the angular position minimizes the sun’s radiation and glare, ensuring utmost comfort in your home while protecting your finishes and contributing to good health.  


Achieving an eco-friendly home is no small feat. It’s often an investment since it’s expensive to implement. Therefore, you don’t want any home additions that lead to the detriment of your home’s sustainable nature. This article has shown that adopting window shutters won’t lead to this detriment; it’ll instead contribute to it. Therefore, it’s best to put your worries to rest and install window shutters in your home. However, the choice is yours; make the right one. 

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