Why Working with a Realtor When Buying a Home is Smart

When buying a home, many people might not want to work with a realtor, and we can understand why. You’d rather be independent and not have to rely on an intermediary. However, not working with a realtor can make your house hunt more of a hassle. Here’s how a realtor helps you.


They Respect Your Time

Finding a home that matches your criteria can take a while. Even with house hunting websites making it more accessible through filters, you still have to spend much time weeding through homes that don’t apply to you. Then, if you don’t find the home you’re looking for, you have to check it repeatedly to see if a new home has shown up.

A realtor can save you time by searching for you. Not only that, but they might have access to listings that you won’t find through conventional house hunting sites. They do this by having access to a network that non-realtors don’t have. They can find homes that aren’t on the market yet, or look for homes that aren’t on traditional listings. This access can save you time and allow you to spend it more productively.

They Can Get You the Best Deal

Often, home sellers might have a home listed for more than it’s worth for the neighborhood. Alternatively, the house may have its share of problems, but the seller won’t lower the price. While some people are natural hagglers, others will have difficulty making the seller change their price.

However, a realtor has the market expertise and can speak with an otherwise stubborn seller to get you the best deal. You won’t be paying more than you need to when you have a realtor on board.

They Have Knowledge

Another reason why working with a realtor can be wise is because they know the area you’re considering moving to. A realtor who specializes in a specific town knows each neighborhood. This knowledge is more valuable for you if you move to a new area. Sure, you could do some Googling, but it’s no match for someone who has experience living in the area. They know the town’s hidden gems and the best neighborhoods for your needs and can bring you the best deal.

Their knowledge also extends to having a handy list of the latest stats of the area you’re moving to, such as crime rate, home price, and schooling. Of course, these stats can change, and the information you find online can be outdated. However, if you speak to a realtor, you’ll be with someone who can give you the latest news.

They Know the Law

With owning a home, the laws and regulations can change with time. If you’re buying an older home, is the energy consumption up to standard? What about the lawn? Does it meet all the requirements? If you’re buying a home that’s not up-to-date, you could be spending a lot to keep your home in the legal clear. Avoid those headaches by having a realtor on your side.

They Iron Out the Complexities

Besides the fact that realtors are good hagglers, they’re also people who can help you deal with any problems that come your way. For example, buying a house consists of complex communications and transactions, and without realtors, it can feel overly complicated and stressful. A real estate agent can reduce your stress by giving you constant updates and creating a battle plan should an issue arise.

There’s No Financial Risk

If you’ve never worked with a realtor, you might believe that they cost you money for you to use their services. This is not the case. Rather than paying them, the seller will pay an upfront fee once the home is closed, meaning that you don’t take any risks. If you don’t get a house, you don’t have to worry about losing money.

They Are Determined

Realtors love their jobs. They enjoy helping people find the home of their dreams regardless of background. If you hire a realtor, you’re hiring someone who has experience and ethics. Through the good and the bad, they’ll be there in the home buying process. Realtors even keep in touch afterward to see if everything is going well.


Having a realtor on your side is a must when buying a home. While some can find a good home for a reasonable price on their own, that’s becoming rarer with today’s market. However, a realtor can make a home something that doesn’t cost an arm and a leg and do so through a seamless process. So contact a realtor today and see what they can do for you. There’s a good chance they can find the home you’ve been searching for and help you seal the deal.

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