Your Checklist for Hiring the Best Commercial Cleaning Service 

A cleaning working environment helps to boost the productivity of your workers. It also protects them against allergies and makes an excellent impression on your potential clients. A cleaning job can be hectic, and you cannot do it alone. It is a good idea to hire commercial cleaning services to perform the needful. 

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Cleaning services are the best in the business. They include trained professionals that look into the project like a common man doesn’t. They go deep with cleaning the hard-to-reach areas, and with the use of the best tools and equipment and perform efficient cleaning services. The results will blow your mind. 

The popularity of commercial cleaning services is increasing worldwide, and making the right choice may get a little overwhelming. We have prepared a checklist to help you hire the best one. Follow it and hire the best professional. 

Interview The Commercial Cleaning Service 

It forms the first part of your hiring process. Interview the cleaning company by phone or in-person to know about their nature of services and efficiency. While calling is a good idea, we still suggest you meet their representative before deciding. 

Interviewing the professional will make it easy for you to decide. Ask them about their past work, nature of work, the efficiency of work, and other important questions. 

Inquire about the Cleaning Crew 

While interviewing the commercial cleaning service to clean your office space, inquire about the cleaning crew that will work for your project. 

How many people will the service send for cleaning? What is the duration of cleaning? Are these professionals trained enough to live up to your expectations? Discuss these details before finalizing. 

Choose an Insured Company 

While hunting for a commercial cleaning service, hire only an insured and bonded cleaning crew to work in your office or warehouse space. If something breaks or a person gets injured, everyone must be covered in such an incident. 

Many times, everything is fine, and the cleaning job runs smoothly. However, in rare instances, something may go wrong, and it is when the importance of choosing an insured company is realized. 

Explore their Types of Services 

You can also do this in the beginning, before interviewing the cleaning service. Commercial cleaning services offer a plethora of cleaning functions such as regular cleaning, deep cleaning, and deep cleaning with cleaning your office’s internal parts and areas like the HVAC system, cleaning the exteriors, etc. 

When you ask about the nature and types of services, your choice gets simplified. The confusion ends, and you hire a preferred one. 

Take a Look at Their Cleaning Supplies 

The type of supplies that these services use impact the result of the cleaning process. Choose a company that uses high-quality cleaning supplies and advanced tools and machines to clean your office. 

The most sought-after cleaning supplies include dusters, vacuum cleaners, dry or wet cleaning machines, deep-cleaning chemicals, and solutions. 

Discuss the Terms of Service 

Changing plans or having last-minute cancellations are part of life. However, the cleaning service you hire will probably have specifics they need to adhere to so that the schedule stays on a plan for every business they clean for. 

We urge you to discuss the terms of services with them. Ensure to bring this question up during the interview. 

Talk About the Cleaning Rates 

Last but not least, asking about the rates the cleaning company charges for the services you are interested in is essential. 

Discuss the points such as payment processes, payment type, time of payment, and other relevant inquiries. 


With the above-listed itemized list, you shall find the perfect commercial cleaning company for your office space. Besides this, doing a background check and interviewing 3-4 professionals is also recommended. 

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