10 Fun DIY Furniture Projects to Get Inspired From

Are you interested in doing a DIY furniture project today? Well, if you’ve got the passion for creating and crafting something beautiful to make your home look all the more inviting and exciting, you’ve come to the right space. We at Spacejoy have plenty of ideas to go around, especially for DIY projects for living room decor, bedroom, or planters for the balcony or patio. 


If DIY projects are your interest, we’ve got a few fun furniture projects that will inspire you. For most of these projects, you will need wood – the correct type of wood, construction glue, and of course a measuring tape – to get the right size and shape for the desired project idea. Wood is a very versatile material, and it is the best for woodworking projects. Wood can be used for craft and DIY home decor projects. It can be painted, stained, or even left unfinished to give that rustic look. With wood – possibilities are endless!

A great thing about DIY home decor is that there’s an infinite number of ways to look at it and many different ways to be creative and original. Since DIY projects are fun, exciting, and a great way to drown out the noise around, we suggest you get started with these ten unique and easy DIY furniture ideas, which will be a helpful addition to the rest of your home decor.

Also, before you get started, be aware that these DIY furniture projects/ideas are time-consuming, so take some time off and enjoy your project.

Coffee Table – Need a coffee table for the living room? Well, let’s get started! You will need a few wood planks, a heavy-duty wood stapler gun, foam, and unused antique candle-sticks. Make the frame of the coffee table by using wooden planks, drill nails into the wood to ensure the fixture is strong enough to hold table decor and a book or two. When the frame is ready, drill a hole each on the four ends and screw on the candlesticks to act as the table’s legs. Turn the table over, spray adhesive, and place the foam above the table according to the frame size. Now, place a cloth over the foam and staple it down from beneath. Add another cloth and staple again. Now, turn the table over, and voila! Your DIY coffee table is ready. (Tip: Don’t overcrowd the table with heavy decor)

Storage Units – Having sufficient storage space in a home is essential. Storage helps you to keep things organized and in place. For example, if you have an old milk crate – spray-paint it to the color of your choice. When dry, take a piece of cloth that is slightly bigger than the crate’s frame. Spray adhesive on the inner portion of the fabric and place a piece of thick foam in the middle. Apply glue to the top of the foam and put a wood plank above. Now wrap the plank on the foam-like how you would wrap a gift. Staple down the sides of the cloth to ensure that the fabric is firmly placed over. Place two pieces of wood on either side of the plank and hammer a nail or two. Turn the foam plank over, and insert it above the mouth of the painted crate. You can use this crate as a footrest or store blankets or throws.

C-table – Take two wooden boards of 20’’ x 11 ¼ “. Paint the boards to a white color. Allow it to dry overnight. Next, take two galvanized poles of ¾ ‘’ x 30’’—four nos of ¾ ‘’ floor flanges. Clean the poles with mineral spirits and keep them aside. Measuring half an inch from either side of the wooden board and one inch from the bottom, drill holes to fix the floor flanges and screw on the poles. Repeat the same process of only the flanges with the other piece of wooden board and tighten them together to get a C-table done.

Ladder Bookcase – This project is for a 6 feet ladder bookcase. You will need an old wooden ladder and five wooden planks ranging from different sizes, starting from 48’’x 20’’, 41 ½’’ x 18’’, 34 ¾ ‘’ x 16’’, 28’’ x 14 ½’’, 25 ¾ x 13’’. Paint each of the wooden planks in a color of your choice. When dry, place the planks accordingly on the old ladder. You can punch in a few nails to hold the planks together or use U-clamps for the same purpose. This DIY project furniture can be placed in the living room to house plants, books, and other decor.

Mirror Cabinet – You will need two board strips  – 50 ¾ ‘’ (1×4), and four board strips of 13 ¼ ‘’ (1×4), 16 wood screws, i.e., is 1 ¾ ‘’. Drill pilot holes ½ inch from the top of the longboard strips, 7 inches, and then 14 inches to follow ( repeat the same procedure from the bottom of the plank). Now drill and attach the planks that create shelves. Now, take a wooden board/plank of 13 ¼ ‘’ x 50 ¾ ‘’, add construction adhesive, and place a mirror above. Drill holes to the shelves and add in cup hooks. Place metal pipes in between so that they can be used to store scarves and trinkets. Next, attach the mirror plank to the other piece of wood using door hinges, and lastly, add a small handle for the door. 

Candle Holder – For this DIY home project, you will need a piece of wood, two horseshoes, a hammer, and nails. The horseshoes have to be hammered on either side of the wooden plank, at an angle where the mouth of the horseshoe rests sturdily on the table. Next, place small fragrant candles over the flat piece of wood to give a complete look. Then, this simple decor can be added to the mantel.

Wine Rack – We all love a glass of wine at the dinner table, don’t we? For this project, you will need cedarwood, sandpaper, measuring tape, and a pencil. Drill holes through the plank at a 1.25’’ within each other. Now hammer this plank onto the wall like a floating shelf. Finally, insert the neck of the wine bottles through the holes to store your collection.

Pet Bed – Using an old tire. Spray the tire and keep it aside for a few days till it is completely dry and has no paint smell. Then, turn the tire over, add construction glue, and place around a wooden plank according to the frame size of the tire. When glued well, insert a pillow or cushion for extra comfort.

Coat Rack – This little DIY home project is quirky and unique. Use a simple wooden plank, drill comfortable holes at intervals on the plank. Then, using construction glue, stick the old and repurposed hammers onto the plank at the holes’ intersection to create a fun coat rack wall stand.

Blanket Ladder – Using scrap wood or dowels, construct a ladder. You can paint it to give it that chic and modern look. Place this ladder in the living room and add a few blankets to it. This furniture project is simple to implement and a great accent piece to add to the living room.

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