25 Types of Fences and Walls to Delimit Your Land with Style

Protection is the main quality that walls and fences must give. However, in addition to providing that security, this structure is also part of the composition that gives identity and beauty to the façade. Therefore, the choice must be carefully thought out so that the home is even revalued.

In this book of ideas, we have brought you a series of proposals with which you will surely be inspired, from very simple walls with just a layer of paint to traditional fences, passing through authentic works of art made of wood. Come down and find out!

1. White Painted Wood

25 Types of Fences and Walls 1

This option brings style, harmony, and elegance to the garden. The addition of steel as part of the pergola creates a most pleasant environment.

2. Natural Wood

25 Types of Fences and Walls 2

Simple and low cost, it is a perfect option for different sizes of homes and gardens. Remember that it must have a waterproofing layer and a good treatment against termites and other bugs that can spoil the quality of natural wood.

3. Natural Fence

25 Types of Fences and Walls 3

A fence made of logs or wooden boards is a simple option and perfect for rustic houses in Blue World City Islamabad. The handcrafted look offers simplicity and lightness in home protection.

4. Simple Fence In the Pool Area

25 Types of Fences and Walls 4

This is a good structure to ensure safety in homes with children and pets that need to be kept away from the pool. It is about protecting with a certain lightness and a modern touch.

5. Wall with Textures

25 Types of Fences and Walls 5

The walls with textures in the finish are precious, and in addition to protecting, they give a great personality to the house. Such and many other modernistic features are offered in the marina sports city, making it a perfect housing option. They provide a unique elegance inside and outside the patio.

6. On a Cozy Terrace

25 Types of Fences and Walls 6

This white wooden fence expresses lightness, simplicity, elegance, and naturalness on this terrace. It is a composition that, seen as a whole, creates an idyllic setting full of light.

7. Stonewall

25 Types of Fences and Walls 7

The typical stone wall is also a very successful option if we want to give a feeling of greater robustness and protection to the environment of our house.

8. Base for Vertical Garden

25 Types of Fences and Walls 8

In addition to protection, wooden fences are great for cultivating the beauty of a vertical backyard garden. It is simple and most colorful.

9. Combination of Concrete and Wood

25 Types of Fences and Walls 9

In this project, we see a concrete base anchored to the wooden fence, where small pots decorate the space.

10. Around a Zen Garden

25 Types of Fences and Walls 10

A zen garden is perfect for relaxing and meditating. In this example, the stone wall was the ideal complement to create more intimacy and naturalness in the environment. Nothing will distract you!

11. Rustic Protection

25 Types of Fences and Walls 11

This garden, with a colorful and creative design, was given the warm personality of a stone wall. The addition of the wooden deck on this small terrace creates a perfect environment to enjoy.

12. Work of Art with Wood

25 Types of Fences and Walls 12

In addition to traditional walls and fences, you can find creative finishes for the doors of your house. In this image, the wonderful woodwork looks like a true work of art. Perfect for all those who want to go one step further. 

13. Wood with a Dual Personality

25 Types of Fences and Walls 13

This project has a series of wooden structures that create total privacy. And it is that in this backyard, the slight visual contrast keeps the curiosity of passers-by away.

14. Iron Wall

25 Types of Fences and Walls 14

This is another good example of protection and lightness. The wall with black iron bars has given a great result, elegant, minimalist, and sophisticated.

15. Bamboo

25 Types of Fences and Walls 15

Bamboo is robust, light, and perfect for protecting spaces. In this example, the backyard looked even brighter and more beautiful with the choice of this material. You can consult any of our experts in fences and gates. 

16. The Creativity of PVC

25 Types of Fences and Walls 16

PVC is a lightweight and durable material. Although the cost is higher compared to natural elements, their choice allows a wide range of designs to protect the patio.

17. PVC with Geometric Composition

25 Types of Fences and Walls 17

In this other beautiful PVC design, the geometric composition brings a creative and stylish look to compose the protective space around this garden.

18. Petite and Flirty Nearby

25 Types of Fences and Walls 18

If the idea is to offer a more aesthetic composition than to have a safe home, small wooden fences are good options. The house is more comfortable and more connected to the outside with them. Read more about 6 original and classic fences for your garden.

19. Combination with Red Bricks

25 Types of Fences and Walls 19

The combination of the fence that we talked about before with a brick wall brings simplicity and rusticity to any home.

20. Wooden Fence and Concrete Wall

25 Types of Fences and Walls 20

In this project, the safety of concrete was combined with the lightness and beauty of wood. A great option to bring sophistication and discretion to the patio.

21. Curved Blocks

25 Types of Fences and Walls 21

In this creative design, the curved design of the white-painted blocks made the garden look even more interesting.

22. Concrete and Bamboo

25 Types of Fences and Walls 22

For those who want to use more than one element to complement the enclosure, this option with bamboo, bush, and steel plates is excellent.

23. Painted Wall

25 Types of Fences and Walls 23

If the idea is to save but not to give up creativity, concrete walls painted with vibrant colors are a great idea.

24. Red Bricks + Varnished Wood

25 Types of Fences and Walls 24

In this particularly elegant proposal, the patio was protected by a large red brick wall on one side and wood on the other. In fact, the warm tone of this wood with a varnish finish achieves a beautiful result. 

25. Stainless Steel

25 Types of Fences and Walls 25

Finally, this option combines concrete stones and steel plates. The difference in the tones of the structure creates a very modern visual composition.

Other types of fences for plots

25 Types of Fences and Walls 26

General View of the Pedestrian Entrance


After this great selection of types of fences for your land, we want to leave you with some more ideas so that you have a place where you can choose the most suitable option. An enclosure that has begun to be used more in recent years is the slat fence. These metal fences are also known as Majorcan or Venetian. They are for concealment and are made of galvanized and oven-lacquered steel in the color you need; Normally, we usually see them in anthracite color. You will always see them next to a wall on which they lean. It is a fantastic method for the privacy of your plot, without sacrificing design and aesthetics.

Natural Fibers

25 Types of Fences and Walls 27

Especially in the plots that enclose common areas of urbanization with a swimming pool, you will often see the classic simple torsion metal mesh fence, together with mats made of some natural fiber material, such as bamboo, wicker, or jute. 

They are also usually on garden walls, so it is an alternative to the previous idea of ​​the fence of slats. The natural fiber fence gives a more tropical look to the outside, and that is why you will see it in the pool and garden area. For this type of intervention, we have the experience and designs of a landscape architect, who will make the relevant decisions to achieve an outdoor space according to each client.

Glass Fences

25 Types of Fences and Walls 28

Although we do not usually use glass for divisions between plots, we can use it for high areas but also, in one way or another, delimit the space between neighbors. In an open terrace, if we want to maintain a modern and continuous design, a good option is to have a glass fence (if it can be smoked, better), which will serve as a protection railing and space division. This material, combined with others such as wood or stone floors in the terrace garden, is an exquisite option for private exteriors.

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