How to Choose the Best LED TV on a Budget | Quick Buying Guide

It’s safe to say that TV is the main entertainment feature of a home, so buying the best one is definitely necessary. You have to make sure that it provides maximum experience for all the family members.

How to Choose the Best LED TV
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Besides, TV can also be a huge investment so you don’t want to waste your money on the one with poor quality. Checking some points that define what a good LED TV should provide is highly recommended.

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In this article, we have a quick tutorial on How to Choose the Best LED TV that you can use as an ultimate reference.

How to Choose the Best LED TV

How to Choose the Best LED TV 1
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Determine your budget

The first thing to do is to take a look at your available budget and how much you are willing to spend to purchase an LED TV. You can start by narrowing down the option by setting up the price range that is most suitable for you.

No worries, you will find a lot of great products under a thousand dollars now. You can have a 42-inch smart TV with 4K resolutions and tons of sophisticated features. This is absolutely enough to provide you excellent entertainment experience every single day.

Of course, the more money that you spend, the bigger the size of the TV is and the more features that you will get.

Choose the size

The rule of thumb is that the bigger the TV is, the better experience that it can offer you. For sure, you still have to refer to the size of the room to determine the size of the TV, but since modern LED TV is designed so thin, even with a super large screen) you will not go wrong purchasing the one that dominates the room.

You can enjoy a cinematic experience with an LED TV with 4K resolution completing the entertainment feature of your home. Some manufacturers even add a feature that allows the TV to turn into living wall art when you don’t use it to watch your favorite programs or movies.

In other words, a big TV doesn’t only fully entertain you, but it also brings the style of the room to the next level.

Choose the resolution

When it comes to the resolution of an LED TV, the more pixels, the more amazing picture you will see. The most favorite resolution today is 4K which is a huge improvement from those HD TVs.

Although 4K contents are not massively available yet, the feature can surely enhance the quality of HD content. It works by adding pixels to the content with HD quality so you can watch the sharper pictures.

However, if you have a limited budget and prefer to purchase an LED TV with HD resolution, it’s actually not that bad. HDTVs are generally much cheaper than 4K TVs which are great for small living rooms, bedrooms, or kitchen. Consider buying an HDTV with a smaller screen so you can still enjoy good picture quality.

Check the HDR compatibility

In addition to the 4K resolution, the HDR feature also can further enhance the picture quality. HDR stands for High Dynamic Range which means that you will see a more accurate, natural, and lifelike picture.

An LED TV without an HDR feature can’t really reproduce the colors as they really are. HDR improves this issue by perfectly expanding the color and contrast ratios, so it’s definitely a very recommended feature to consider when you are looking for a new LED TV.

Check the connectivity

The cables and ports are often considered as an unimportant point until you know how much you actually need them. They surely can make a difference, so you need to check whether the LED TVs that you already have in mind are equipped with this feature properly or not.

Check whether the HDMI cables and ports provided are sufficient enough or not. They are very important as they work to hook things together.

  • HDMI Cables – Believe it or not, the high-quality HDMI cables work much better though they might be more expensive. It can transmit a signal faster so you won’t have to worry about high-resolution content. You can also get maximum experience if you use high-quality cables when you have a sophisticated LED TV.
  • HDMI Ports – The rule of thumb is that the TV should have at least 4 HDMI ports so you can use various devices like a soundbar, gaming box, and Apple TV without any hassles. Another point to keep in mind is that the ports should also support HDMI 2.0 which is best to support the 4K feature that the TV is equipped with.
  • Bluetooth – The Bluetooth connectivity of an LED TV can provide you with more convenience. You can connect the TV to your beloved Bluetooth headphone, so you can listen to your TV from anywhere better. Some Bluetooth headphone also helps you who have hearing impaired so you can get a clearer voice.

Upgrade the audio

One downside that is mostly found in a modern LED TV is its sound production. Apparently, their thin designs reduce the ability of the manufacturers to equip them with high-quality speakers.

That being said, adding a soundbar is always a nice idea. You can find tons of options that are offered at various price tags. It doesn’t have to be pricey, the ones with nice quality can be found within the $70 up to $100 price range. If you have an extra budget, you can also consider purchasing a wireless soundbar which can provide much better convenience.

Check the warranty

After learning all of those features, do not skip checking the manufacturer’s warranty. Make sure that the authorized dealer offers a full warranty so you can solve any issues easily. Also, ask the dealer if the manufacturer offers a nationwide home service since you don’t want to bring the TV or ship it to the service center when things happen.

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