4 Costs You Must Factor Into Your Move Overseas

When you’re moving abroad, the excitement and planning are likely to get the better of you and cloud your vision of some of the most important things: such as your budget. As much of a buzz-kill as this task might be, budgeting for your overseas move is a crucial step to take if you don’t want to end up financially ruined.

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International moves involve a lot of expenses and some things that you might not have considered properly. Keep reading to find out just a few of the major costs you’ll need to factor into your moving budget.

Travel Costs

Naturally, you’re not going anywhere without paying for the plane ticket to your new home. However, the buck doesn’t stop there – alongside your airfare, you’ll probably end up paying for Uber rides or public transport to get you around for a while, or you may need to rent a car or give a helpful friend some gas money in exchange for a lift.

You might even want to book a trip ahead of time to scope out the area before moving in – which of course will have to be paid for. If your budget is a little tight, try to keep your travel costs low by planning and shopping smart for your flight tickets ahead of time.

Shipping Costs

Next, you’ll need to consider the price of everything you own and how much it will cost to get it across the world to your new home. Some people choose to sell all their possessions and start over – naturally, the money you make will go towards new items, but you’ll almost definitely need to budget a lot extra for all new furniture, appliances, etc.

Others choose to take their things along with them, in which case you’ll be paying for international shipping and movers. If you want to take your vehicle with you too, you’ll need to research affordable car shipping companies to hire for the process.

Transporting Pets

Your pets are your family, so it’s no surprise that you’ve planned to take them along for this new chapter of your life. However, you might not have realised just how expensive it is to transport animals overseas.

It’s a major process and it could smash your budget, so make sure this is something you have planned for and considered carefully. Remember too, that moving is stressful for your pets as well (maybe even more so than for you) and especially after an international move, they’ll need help adjusting. Keep in mind that an overseas trip could be traumatic for your animals.

Temporary Accommodation

It’s rare that your moving-out date, moving-in date, furniture arrival date and your arrival all match up perfectly. When moving abroad, it might not even be possible for you to find a new home to live in until you’re actually there. If the stars haven’t magically aligned for you, you’ll need to find temporary accommodation.

Try to find a friend who has a couch for you to crash on for a few days if you don’t need much time. However, if you still haven’t signed a leave and need to go house hunting, you might need a more long-term solution.

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