4 Fresh Pool Deck Decorating Ideas for Your Home

As the summer is rolling around, your pool area is going to come back into use for gatherings, parties, or simply a cocktail or two to unwind with after a long day of work. Your pool deck needs to be practical and functional and yet look gorgeous without giving off a dated vibe. Here are some fresh pool deck decorating ideas so you can enjoy your pool area this season and use it for socializing. 

4 Fresh Pool Deck Decorating Ideas for Your Home

  1. The Minimalist Look 

Your pool deck does not need to be filled with décor items and often a minimalistic touch can be much appreciated especially since it provides a clean, Zen, and tranquil allure. Use bare wooden benches or simple furniture (even wicker, coastal varieties work great) to provide adequate seating options without overcrowding the available space. 

You can use natural, rustic elements like unpolished wood, woven baskets and rugs, flowerpots, and foliage. When choosing colors for rugs, cushions or tapestries use lighter colors like light blue, lime green, beige, cream, and so forth. 

  1. Chic, Deluxe & Worthy Of A Resort

If you want to go the uber-luxurious route and have your patio and pool deck resemble a resort, you can use glamorous end tables with marble tops and gold or rose gold finishes, fluffy plush cushions, throw blankets, and umbrellas to keep the sun off your face. Use metallic finishes and chic materials like faux fur, marble, granite, and mahogany to really replicate the visual effect of furniture at a resort. 

You can even make a small serve-yourself bar on one side for when guests come over! When redoing your pool deck always landscape the surrounding lawn to perfection, trim the bushes, and use an automated lawnmower like MowRo to get the job done quickly and expertly. 

  1. Rustic, Outdoorsy & Sturdy

A wonderfully trendy way to decorate your pool deck is to incorporate a rustic style that is increasingly fashionable nowadays for everything from interior décor to wedding décor. Lanterns, distressed wood, wrought iron, and maybe even a nice BBQ pit can all be part of your pool deck décor, perfect for entertaining family and friends. 

Make sure you add some cozy woven rugs and throw blankets to make it a homely and snug environment. If you want to heat up your pool water or have a Jacuzzi on the side, use a solar installation to protect the environment and save money in the process. 

  1. Tropical, Caribbean, & Breezy 

If you have spent any time in the tropics or on beaches during vacation, you may want to recreate that vibe in your home on your pool deck. Employ the use of light beach-chic colors like white, mustard, blue, yellow, and also parrot green and yellow, and use furniture like a hammock and an accent table. Using plenty of foliage and flowerpots around the seating area or better yet having a sandbox or collection of seashells can really emulate the natural atmosphere of being on the beach. 

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