5 Surprising Designer Tips for Wall Décor

Walls are a blank canvas in one’s home, just waiting to be filled and decorated with a stroke of creativity and personalization. Wall décor is more than just paint or frames and there are so many different options that can be used for a real designer feel that showcases your sense of style with accents of what is trendy this decade. Here are some surprising designer tips to get you started on acing your wall décor. 

5 Surprising Designer Tips for Wall Décor

  1. Gallery Walls Are Just As Loved As Ever

You may have thought gallery walls are very reminiscent of the 90s but they are a classic, universally loved wall décor concept. A gallery wall is great not just for your main living area, study, or corridor but any wall that is large enough to accommodate multiple frames. 

You can also do monochromatic gallery walls in which all the photographs and pictures are black and white. Gallery walls have tons of personality and give you the chance to display several photos of friends and loved ones and also illustrations, quotes, or paintings that give you joy. 

  1. One Piece Says It All

A statement piece whether it is an enlarged portrait or a stunning painting can really uplift a wall with minimal effort. 3D pieces of art as well as abstract pieces can instantly catch the eye and retain interest. Choose one piece and let it take over the conversation as far as wall décor is concerned. 

  1. Use Fabrics

The fabric has made a powerful comeback for wall décor and it adds a very homely and unique feel. You can also frame fabric such as embroidered pieces or painted cloth. Tapestries in particular are a favorite for more bohemian and rustic décor styles and they can be neutral colored as well to blend in with the surrounding furniture or can provide an exciting pop of color with the use of bright burgundy, blue, gold and orange. 

  1. The Art of Mirrors

Mirrors are an age-old and excellent décor tool because they enlarge spaces, beautify, and are very useful. Use interesting mirror frames such as aged vintage ones to add visual interest to your living space. Using mirrors in smaller rooms can give the illusion of a larger space which is always welcome. Mirrors can also be used in conjunction with a custom home painting or any other framed sentimental piece to really bring your wall to life. 

  1. Shelving Is Both Gorgeous & Practical

Installing shelves in any room is almost the best type of wall décor there is. Not only can shelves hold a plethora of interesting and aesthetic items like books, frames, pet portraits, and retro telephones, but they also offer storage and make a space look well utilized and beautiful. Not to mention shelves are an instant conversation starter for any visitors you may have over and can benefit you socially in that manner. Shelves also come in a variety of styles from vintage.

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