4 Steps to Declutter and Organize Your Living Room

Your living room is probably the first room visitors will see whenever they come to your house. Therefore, if you’d want to paint a beautiful picture of your home and make a good impression, this is where you can start when doing interior redesigning.

Organize Your Living Room

You don’t need to spend a lot to make your living room pleasant and appealing. Sometimes, all you need is to declutter the space by getting rid of what you don’t necessarily use. A living room is generally designed for many functions, including entertainment, relaxing, eating, playing, and sometimes even exercising. That explains why they can always end up full of clutter. And so, organizing this space does not only help boost its appearance but also its usefulness.

While a cluttered space is common, it can be avoided. And to help you solve this problem, below are some steps you can consider to declutter and organize your living room.

  1. Ensure Every Item Is Stored Correctly

One of the main factors that may contribute to your living room’s messiness is having a lot of out-of-place items. Given how busy this space can be, it can be easy to find yourself leaving utensils or bedroom stuff scattered around. That said, the first step you’d want to take is to make sure that every item is returned to its proper room or location. Whatever belongs to the living room should also be kept in its correct storage units.

While at it, you may also get rid of any unused items. For instance, if you have some old electronics that take up too much space, you can sell or donate them. Think about disposing of any rubbish to free up the living room. And perhaps you are wondering where to throw this junk after collection. In such a case, there are many reputable waste removers in the market, like Dirt Cheap Rubbish Removal, which offers these services at affordable prices.

Moreso, even when the entire room is in the desired shape already, chances are, there’s an area that hosts a lot of scattered items. Whether it’s a table, chair, or any other furniture that acts as the cluttered center, make sure you clear it up regularly and put those items where they belong. Making such minimal changes can go a long way.

  1. Create New Storage Units

In your decluttering process, you might realize that some of your belongings don’t have designated storage areas. They could be books, magazines, remote controls, pens, or decorative items. It doesn’t matter what purpose they play in the living room; you’d still need to come up with a systematic way to store them.

Also, while creating new homes for these items, there are some factors you may need to consider. First, how frequently are these things used? If the answer is “regularly”, you would want to find a spot where it can be accessed conveniently. The size of the items and their appearance concerning your living room décor is another thing you should keep in mind.

  1. Make Your Bookshelf More Presentable

Sometimes, it might not be the things in the living room but rather their arrangement that could make your space look messy and cluttered. That said, your next focus could be on every item in its storage but perhaps not properly organized.

For instance, you can start with the bookshelf and ensure everything is in order. Arranging these areas and keeping them tidy can make a difference to your living room.

  1. Consider Rearranging Your Furniture

Perhaps another factor that might be contributing to a cluttered living room is the arrangement of the furniture. Try to make the room more functional by creating enough walkways and removing unnecessary barriers. For instance, you could ensure that there is no seat barricading the door.

In addition, consider making all the storage units accessible to all users. Doing this can help minimize cluttering as it makes it easier for people to return every item to its rightful place after usage. Moreover, keep in mind that anything dangerous or fragile should still be kept out of your children’s reach.


Having an organized living room does not only help improve its appearance, but it can also make the space more functional. To begin your decluttering project, consider getting rid of any out-of-place items in this space. It’s also best to have everything stored in proper places and create storage units for any new or lost items. Rearranging the furniture to match your needs can also make your living room look more presentable.

There are many other options, but considering these steps can be the first step to a tidy and more beautiful home.

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