Can I install a hot water system myself?

If you are buying a new hot water system for your home, you might be wondering if it is possible to carry out the installation yourself. After all, why would you pay a Sydney plumber for a task that you can handle yourself? Well, the truth is that even though a DIY hot water system installation is possible, it’s not a good idea at all. Installing a hot water system is a challenging task, and even one mistake could lead to a costly accident.

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Why does hot water repair or installation require professional service?

A hot water system is a complex piece of electronic equipment that comes with associated hazards. Inexperienced handling of the task can easily lead to physical injuries and major accidents, besides damaging the system. A professional plumber who has already installed and repaired hot water systems in the past can carry out the installation safely.

Common mistakes made during DIY hot water system installations?

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The biggest problem with a DIY installation is that the lack of experience can lead to major mistakes. Some of the most common ones among these are:

  1. Using incompatible metal pipes

Compatibility between the metal pipes is an important aspect to consider while installing a hot water system. Non-compatible connections can result in corrosive and electric charges that would damage the pipes and cause leakages.

  1. Dry firing

Failing to remove all the air from the tank and fill it up with water before turning on the system would result in dry firing. Regardless of whether it is a gas heater or an electric one, dry firing can overheat the tank and cause it to break or crack.

  1. T&P overflow valve installation

Your hot water system would likely come with a T&P overflow valve that lets out excess pressure or heat. However, improper installation of this valve could result in major accidents. The tank may blast and spray scalding hot water on a bystander.

  1. Soldering the fittings too close

While installing hot water systems, homeowners often make the mistake of soldering the fittings too close to the heater. Now, the fittings have plastic components that could melt due to the heat and result in major damage.

  1. Choosing the wrong tank size

Homeowners often fail to buy a water heater of the right size, in the first place. Naturally, a heater that is too small for your household wouldn’t offer enough water and would run out of hot water often. On the other hand, an oversized system would be a waste of money and result in higher energy bills.

How to choose the right Sydney plumber for hot water installation?

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While it is important to hire a plumbing company for hot water repair or installation, it is also necessary to pick the right one. Pay attention to the following factors while searching for plumbing services:

  • The company must have a good track record.
  • Make sure to pick a licensed and certified company.
  • They must have sophisticated plumbing equipment.
  • A good plumbing company would be responsive, with great customer service.
  • The plumbers should be helpful and offer practical advice, rather than recommending expensive services unnecessarily.

Finding the right plumbing company for your hot water system installation would make the whole process safe and hassle-free.

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