5 Remarkable Benefits of Applying Coating on Your Garage Floor

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Concrete garage floors are prone to damage due to corrosion, wear, or the impact of heavy objects. The damages can make the repair cost high due to its frequency. But you can fix it with epoxy coating. Made of epoxy resin and a polyamine hardener, the compound form a rigid coating on the floor once cured. These chemicals are safe, and using them doesn’t pose any risk, provided that you ventilate well when applying the coating. Using it to coat your garage floor comes with the following benefits:

1. Protection

The coating protects the garage floor from abrasion, moisture, and grease damage. This coating gives your garage floor a higher caliber of durability. As a result, your garage floor won’t crack or crumble in five to ten years. However, it would help if you had professionals specialized in garage flooring epoxy to get durable protection. Such professionals understand the best epoxy coating that will offer better floor protection.

2. Resistance

Epoxy resin is resistant to scratch, water, heat, and corrosive chemicals. This feature makes it ideal for garage floors because it will withstand many elements that would easily damage a normal concrete floor. When buying the epoxy coating for this purpose, selecting the ones that specifically enhance resistance would be best. For instance, specific brands can withstand 350-400 degrees Fahrenheit and are labeled for easy identification.

3. Cost Efficiency

Coating your garage floor is cost-efficient because it will take you a long before to repair it. You will, however, have to correctly mix the resin, hardener, and additives proportionally for it to work as designed. The products come with mixing instructions that you should carefully read before starting the process. Additionally, you should follow a timer because it hardens fast, and a delay will mean spending more money on buying the products again.

4. Ease of Maintainance

The epoxy-coated garage floor is easy to maintain. Despite being easily stained, you won’t spend much time cleaning it because it doesn’t sip water or other liquid like grease. This feature comes from its non-porous nature. Furthermore, you can buff the coating in two or three years if it starts to lose its shine. To do so, you will use hot water and ammonia. You will dilute the ammonia in a bucket, then use a deck-scrubbing brush to give the floor a good restoring scrub.

5. Enhanced Safety

Most garage accidents happen due to slippery floors, but you can fix that by coating them with epoxy. Some epoxy coatings come with ant-slip additives, reducing the risk of slip and fall. In addition, some have antibacterial properties that ensure the floor doesn’t harbor disease-causing bacteria. Therefore, you should do a garage flooring epoxy to make it antimicrobial and increase friction.

Garage floors get damaged easily due to grease and abrasion from heavy pieces of equipment. This can make it costly because you must repair the damages often. However, you can fix the problem by coating the floor using epoxy. This compound will make your floor durable, safe, and appealing. It\d be best to use the information you have read here and hire a professional to coat your garage floor today.

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