5 Signs You Have Chosen A Good Real Estate Agent

There is no doubt that buying or selling a property is one of the most stressful experiences in your life. You need to spend time preparing your home before the sale, this includes fixing a variety of issues and potentially repainting the property inside and out.

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You then need to find a buyer and, most importantly set the price right. There is a lot to do, and a good real estate agent will make the whole process simpler.

A bad estate agent is often only thinking of the commission. To get this they may inflate the value of your home, it’s hard not to lie the sound of extra dollars. This means your house is overpriced and will sit on the market for a long time. This results in price reductions and ultimately you’re likely to get less than you could have done.

You need to know the signs that you have chosen a good real estate agent:

  1. They Are Qualified

A good real estate agent will have taken the time to gain a qualification in real estate. This helps them develop the necessary skills. Alongside this, they should be undertaking regular real estate training courses to ensure their skills stay up to date. A good real estate agent may even offer these training courses to employees.

Check their qualifications and insurance to ensure you’ve made a good start.

  1. Excellent Communication

A good real estate agent needs to be a great communicator. You’ll want to feel instantly at home talking to them and they will always keep you in the loop. It doesn’t matter if they are trying a new sales approach or organizing your open day, they will make sure you always know what is happening with your property.

  1. They Know the Market

A good real estate agent needs to know the market. This is the only way they can set realistic prices and will be able to attract the right type of buyer for your house.

They can demonstrate market knowledge by talking you through their reasons for setting a specified price. This will reassure you that you have chosen wisely.

  1. Ability To Surmount Issues

Property selling can be difficult. There are often unforeseen and unexpected issues that arise. A good real estate agent is ready for these. They are likely to have dealt with similar scenarios before and know how to handle the situation.

Most importantly, they won’t give up until they find a solution to the issue.

  1. Have Good Contacts

It goes without saying that a good real estate agent knows people that may be interested in your property. But a good agent will also have contacts across all industries. This will help you get a plumbing, pest, or maintenance issue sorted as quickly as possible.

A good real estate agent takes the time to get to know the local businesses and then uses them, when possible, it’s good for them and for you.

The bottom line is a good real estate will keep your property in buyers’ minds and get you the sale you need.

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