All About Benjamin Moore Decorators White Color

Benjamin Moore decorators white is a white paint along with a drop of gray tone. This color is an effective selection for doors, moldings, and trim.

The Decorator’s White Benjamin Moore is one of the bestsellers in white paint. This is a lovely white shade that works well for doors and wainscoting.

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 Are Decorators White Too White In Color?

 No! Not at all. Decorators White is not at all too white. This is why the majority of the individuals choose decorators with white walls color for coating their doors and trim in their house. Such colors give a sober yet elegant look to your interiors.

 Bm decorators white is a soft and subtle white paint due to its gray undertone. This gray undertone prohibits the paint from being excessively white and bright in color while adding a great softness to the walls.

Undertones Of Decorators White

 Decorator’s White consists of slight gray undertones, which makes this color so natural and elegant. The undertone of this shade range includes tones such as purple, green, and blue. Hence, the decorator’s white possesses nice gray undertones along with one of these colors in it as well. However, you will never find a purple undertone in the gray shade of this paint. It would be rare if you find it someday.

LRV of Decorators White

 The LRV of Benjamin Moore Decorator’s White is 84.6. However, note that LRV is nothing but a scale ranging from 0-100 that is used to measure the amount of light color has. The more the number, the Whiter would be the color.

While 84.6 is a high number in shades, it isn’t as high for a white paint color. This color has a slightly off-white feel which makes the LRV slightly slide down.

Top Benjamin Moore Decorator’s White Colors

Below mentioned are some of the best Benjamin Moore decorator’s White paints.

  • Chantilly Lace OC-65

This one is the truest white paint and is known as the OC-65 Chantilly Lace. This color is rapidly growing among individuals and is preferred by most. This color is purely white, and the shade works well for ceilings, doors, and trims. The majority of the individuals utilize this paint due to the pure white shade. This color is unfiltered and does not contain any additional tint that can frame off any other color. On the contrary, this color reflects a better contrast than the majority of other colors.

  • Dove Wing OC-18

 The OC-18 Dove Wing comprises a warm white tine and is one of the darkest white shades in the range. The dove wing range is still a nice white color that can easily be used in walls and trims. The gray shades are soft, while the yellowish tinge gives it an inviting yet warm hue. A dove Wing is an excellent option for individuals who want to paint their cabinets as it creates a natural look in comparison to white and can look too stark.

  • Oxford White CC-30

The Oxford White color is everyone’s favorite white. This one is an excellent option for millwork and trims. It is the same as decorators white as it also possesses a gray background which gives it a fresh, modern, and clean white look. However, Oxford White is not too gray but can be used in pure White color. Note that the Oxford White color is a great substitute for Chantilly Lace.  Oxford White is warm and pure enough to give a great cooling appearance when used.

 Decorators White Vs Simply White

 Having an LEV of 91, Simply White is considered brighter as juxtaposed to Benjamin Moore Decorator’s White. However, the creamy undertone of Simply white means that it can have a yellowish hue under the light and in low light conditions.

Also, simply White is one of the least favorite paint colors for individuals for doors and whole-house trim, as it can be creamy and warm.

  • Intense White OC-51

This shade of white has heavy and bright shades of off-whites and gray. This color has an undertone of gray and permits it to feel warm without being a yellowish-gray shade.  This color also has a green undertone which makes it feel warmer. The Intense White shade of Benjamin Moore is an excellent alternative for wall color and feels better than pure gray.

  • Paper White OC-55

The shade of OC-55 Paper White falls between the shades of pure White and intense White.  This particular color has the qualities of both colors and a mixture of green, blue, and gray that forms a cooler and a creamy version of a gray color. The Paper White shade looks best on the walls as it creates a White and fresh color that goes well with greens, grays, and blues.

Final Takeaway

 This was all about Benjamin Moore decorators white. Let us know how you liked this article. Drop your thoughts in the comments section below, and our team will get back to you as soon as possible in case of any queries.

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