5 Ways to Dress Your Most Awkward Windows

Do you know how some windows are just awkward? There’s almost always a reason behind it, but sometimes there isn’t. I think this leaves the question open about whether or not you have to do something about awkward windows.

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In my opinion, yes – they should be dressed in some way, but it all depends on why they’re awkward and if there’s a better option available for you.

There are several ways for making the best of any window situation.

1. Use Mirrors to Reflect Light

One way to cover a window if you’re on a tight budget is by replacing it with a mirror that reflects light from the outside into the room. You can buy inexpensive framed mirrors from most hardware stores or dollar stores then use impact adhesive to adhere them directly over your current window.

The mirrored glass will look exactly like a window until you get close, but it has the added benefit of reflecting light into your room.

2. Cover Your Windows

If you can’t bear to let your windows be naked but still want to define the areas of your rooms that are not hindered by window views, sheer curtains or wooden Venetian blinds UK are for you!

Introduce an element of subtlety into your home without compromising on style. Either pair them with solid curtains or hang them on their own for a delicate balance. Play around with the length and weight to find a look that suits both your space and preference.

3. Turn Your Windows into Art

This might seem obvious, but sometimes people forget they have a great piece just hanging around in their closet. If you have a solid-coloured or simple patterned sheet, consider hanging your curtains with the help of drapery hardware and turn them into large and small works of art on your windows!

Drape one panel on top of another for cascading effect or just let them hang side by side while creating a relaxed and unpretentious feel to any room.

4. Cover Your Windows with Curtains in Different Materials

If you can’t find sheer curtains that suit the style of your living room, but sheer is all you want, go ahead and add some texture by choosing different fabric types for each curtain panel on your window.

For example, choose lace panels for the top half while allowing white sheers behind it so that you retain your desired level of privacy. If you are having a hard time, you can look for the best curtain makers in your area, like bespoke curtain makers London.

5. Turn Your Window into a Feature with Plants

Having large windows in the living room is delightful, but they dwarf smaller spaces and make them feel even more cramped. Make use of this empty space by filling it with green life! Hang indoor plants on hooks from the top of your window sills or put something tall underneath your windows, such as a tall cabinet or bookshelf.

Then decorate around it accordingly for an easy way to add some lushness and green colour to any room. Decorating with plants is especially great if you want to bring the outdoors in but don’t have the budget for real foliage – plants will definitely fool anyone who enters your home!

If none of the abovementioned ideas suits your needs, consider consulting a professional home decorator in London for more options! Happy decorating!

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