Smart Tips for a Gorgeous Backyard Patio

Even if you’re on a budget, there are some beautiful ways to make your backyard patio go from fine to “wow!” with simple materials and an eye for detail. These days, people are more interested in outdoor entertaining than ever before, according to many Homelight Insight Reports. The options to have open-air gatherings expands the party guest list while still keeping events lower-risk for COVID.

Noticing where a little change makes a big impact is key to making your backyard patio beautiful and your guests comfortable and happy.


Upgrade from Fire Pit to Outdoor Fireplace

While it’s all well and good to gather around a rusty firepit full of warmth and good cheer, your backyard looks much more professional and resort-like with a permanent firepit or outdoor fireplace. While there are high-end options here, you can also make a sturdy one out of decorative stone from your local home improvement store and use designs from the internet to make it look fancy and last a long time. 


Protect a Set of Plush Patio Furniture Cushions in a Waterproof Container

Rather than letting high-end patio furniture fade or get soaked every time something falls from the sky, organize your back porch to protect those cushions! Pick furnishings that have detachable cushions which you can protect in a waterproof cabinet or shed and plan to pull them out for days that you’re entertaining. Bonus points if you choose patio furniture that is fairly comfortable with or without the cushions, but definitely break them out for the flair and the comfort before a party!


Add Weatherproof String Lights for Ambiance

One inexpensive upgrade that makes every backyard pop is a good weatherproof string light. Adding a soft glow, you can use these lights to draw attention to the area of the porch that you like best or that has your most thoughtful accents and touches, all while adding practical visibility if the party tends to go on late into the night. Even a fairly simple backyard looks a little more magical with small lights – just make sure you find some that are well-made and designed for all weather types.


Going to Sell Your House? Stage the Backyard to the Nines!

Even if you are looking to sell this home and buy another very soon, there can be some benefits to a little DIY sprucing of the backyard. After all, buyers are looking to see what the home will mean to them when they buy it, not just the specifications, and if they see a simple, well-appointed patio, they may start envisioning s’mores nights and evenings around the outdoor fireplace… Before you know it, they’re placing an offer! 

A great real estate agent is a good asset for knowing how much sprucing is going to yield ROI versus being overkill/extra expenses when you’re trying to just get the house to market. They can also help you with how to make small spaces look more roomy and other efforts that can help you find the right buyer promptly; an agent brings tons of knowledge!

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