5 Ways You Can Increase Footfall in Your Restaurant with Renovation

Delicious food and a charming ambiance- these are the two things that every person wishes to relish when visiting a restaurant. While your restaurant may be great in the former, it might not make the right impression due to its outdated look. This might be the reason your restaurant is seeing a dip in customers lately.

Renovating the old look of your restaurant can be simply done with a few smart additions and changes. Here are five tips for renovating your restaurant to give it a fresh, new-like look and get it bustling with more customers.

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Change Your Furniture

Have a look around. Which one of your pieces of furniture needed urgent replacement but has been sitting around for some time now? Yes, you need to get rid of them right away!

The furniture is an inseparable part of a restaurant- it not only adds utility but also can make or break the look of an eatery. When customers visit your restaurant, they should be mesmerized by the stylish furniture and look forward to sitting and enjoying the food on it.

If you have worn-out chairs and tables, replace them with ones featuring trending designs. You could also try to change your chair and table arrangement with cozy sofas or include both if the space permits.

Revamp the Lighting

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Lighting is essential for setting the right atmosphere in any restaurant. Your customers should feel comfortable when they enter your restaurant.

You can use ambient lights to set a romantic mood. You can also place task lights above each table to encourage more conversation. Accent lighting can also be added to a bar area for a touch more class.

Proper lighting can transform the look of your restaurant and help you attract more customers. It’s a good idea to set a monthly schedule for lighting maintenance. Yes, it’s that important!

Install Commercial Impact Windows

Restaurants having large windows overlooking the outdoors are more attractive than those that don’t. Make your existing windows more stylish by adding bold borders or decorating them with flowers and similar decorations.

You can also consider changing your existing windows with commercial impact windows as they add a stylish appeal and protect your customers from harsh outside weather. Apart from weather protection, these windows also reduce outdoor noise, providing a calming indoor dining experience to the customers.

Knowing that the restaurant is protected against severe weather, more people would choose your place to dine.

Repaint the Exterior

This is the most affordable renovation of the outdoors of your restaurant. Painting the outside of your restaurant in a beautiful shade will help create maximum impact.

Striking or soothing colors are the first things that help catch your potential customer’s attention. If you are situated amidst multiple restaurants, the color of your outdoors will be the primary deciding factor for most people.

This is because there is a psychology of colors that communicates positive or negative emotions to the brain. For example – red is associated with hunger, so painting the door or façade in a deep red will create the right attractive touch.

Market Your Place

Unless you let them know, how would your customers find out you have updated your restaurant’s look? There can be many ways to market your restaurant, both online and offline.

So, it’s a good idea to announce your restaurant’s opening and invite your customers for a memorable experience. Use all the popular social media, print advertisements, etc., to promote the new development. If your food is delicious (which we bet will be), word of mouth will also spread like fire, bringing more people to enjoy your delicacies!

Final Word

Remodeling your restaurant is one of the best ways to increase sales, give it a stylish new look, and enhance your brand’s reputation. You can also connect with a restaurant construction company for your lovely place’s amazing renovation.

We’re sure the above tips will push you to renovate your restaurant to look the best!

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