How to Add Luxury to a Bathroom | 5 Simple and Cheap Steps to Try

Adding luxury to your bathroom may not sound really important, but it’s not a bad idea either. Imagine having a mesmerizing moment every time you enter your bathroom that will make you feel so good doing your daily needs. Moreover, you will also amaze the guests who happen to enjoy your bathroom.

how to add luxury to a bathroom

In fact, for modern minimalist houses, the bathroom is something that can’t be neglected in terms of decoration. The room has to be maximized to support other rooms so the overall house can look and feel inviting at the same time. 

Even if you have a small bathroom, you can turn it into a luxurious space. It’s even better actually since you don’t really have to spend a lot of energy and money to decorate it.

So, there’s no need to prepare an extra budget or hire a pro to add luxury to your very own bathroom. There are tons of gorgeous inspirations that suit well for you who have a minimalist house.

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In this article, we share some simple steps on how to add luxury to a bathroom that will not cost you a lot at all. So, let’s just keep scrolling to check them out!

How to Add Luxury to a Bathroom

There are some key points here which are color, lighting, and decor items.

Choose neutral color

how to add luxury to a bathroom 1

The first step is to colorize the walls of your bathroom with a neutral tone. White and grey are the best options that suit really well for minimalist decorating styles. They can create a simple overall look with a bright and airy feel effortlessly.

Add nature nuance

how to add luxury to a bathroom 2

If you are lucky enough to have a bathroom with a view, then you just have to install a big clear glass so everyone can enjoy the outside world while taking a shower or brushing their teeth. No worries, if you have the one without a view, you can bring some indoor plants inside and put them in the corner of the room. Most expensive bathrooms are found with earthy elements as their focal points.

Repaint the furniture

how to add luxury to a bathroom 3

Pieces of furniture in a luxurious bathroom are mostly double coated. So, you can repaint or recoat your existing vanity or shelves with the color that suits the main color of the room. Grey and beige are some considerable options since they can give more color to the decor but still keeps its neutral atmosphere.

Pop a surprise

how to add luxury to a bathroom 4

The next step is for you who want to add a little surprise to the neutral overall look of your bathroom. You might want to pop a color or pattern to enhance the attractiveness of the room. Colorful glass tile around the vanity area or a striking sink will not hurt the room for sure.

Add more lights

how to add luxury to a bathroom 5b

Besides the main light that is mostly installed on the ceiling, you can add more lighting sources by installing dimming lights. Sconce is the easier option that you can consider and they are offered at various prices.

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