How to Decorate Small House Easily and Cheaply | Simple DIY Tips

Small-minimalist house has become the most popular option in these modern days. You may see that houses today tend to get more compact than the ones that were found back then.

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Statistically speaking, only 20% of buyers choose to buy houses that are bigger than 2,500 feet, the rest of them are looking for the ones with an average of 1,500 square feet. It shows how the small house is progressively increasing in terms of popularity from day today.

Expert says compact home is more effective in which everything is easier to access and requires less effort to maintain while still occupying the daily needs of the homeowners themselves. Another reason is related to budgeting, though not all minimalist houses are offered at low prices, you can find tons of options that won’t cost you a lot.

One main thing to keep in mind is the smaller the house is, the smarter you should be in placing your stuff here and there. You cannot let things scattered around which can instantly turn the house into a completely messy living space.

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So, getting to know some steps on how to decorate small house sounds like a good idea before you go on a hunt. You may need a bit of help to make a small house look and feel as inviting as possible.

Well, let’s just keep scrolling to learn some lessons!

How to Decorate Small House

Mirrors, mirrors on the wall

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The first step is the easiest one in which you just need to hang one (or two) mirror on the wall and make it as one of the main focal points of the room. Why though? Well, mirrors can give a larger and brighter impression which is great for houses with limited space.

Choose multifunctional furniture

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Today, you can find a lot of pieces of furniture that come with multifunctional features, like the ottoman with hidden storage or sofa that also serves as a bed. Those kinds of furniture can offer you more functions without taking more space inside the room.

Utilize the wall

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Instead of adding cabinets or drawers, you might want to consider benefiting your walls first to add more storage around. Hang some small containers or a pegboard that you can use to store easy items. If you are handy enough, you can take some DIY inspirations created by creative homeowners.

Combine the rooms


In a bigger house, you might be able to have your bedroom and office separately, but it doesn’t really that work for a small house. So, let each room serves more than one purpose.

Let the light in

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Besides mirrors, windows will also work very well to make a small house look bigger. It can create a more airy atmosphere so the room doesn’t feel stuffy even with its limited space. Make sure that you keep the window area clean enough by not using accented curtains or blinds.

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