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Yes, throw pillows will always work well to enhance the attractiveness of your living room. They will give chich and catchy accent which is enough to make the decor look way more attractive.

How to Decorate with Throw Pillows

But wait, why are they called throw pillow anyway? Well, the name is derived from how they are ‘treated’ in which we can just simply throw them over the sofa, bed, or other pieces of furniture, so that’s why they are called throw pillows.

There are tons of throw pillows that you can find today. They are offered in various colors, patterns, and textures which can always suit your needs. Throw pillows are considered affordable decor items so you can always add it to your shopping list when you are planning to redecorate your beloved living room.

Most of you may think that it’s a brilliant idea to add some throw pillows that totally match with the main color of the room when actually that’s kind of an old-fashioned way of utilizing throw pillows. It may not really that work for the modern decorating style.

So, reading some tips on how to decorate with throw pillows can give you some good insights that you can apply right away. Well, just keep scrolling find out sips on how to decorate with throw pillows that will totally enlighten you!

How to Decorate with Throw Pillows

The main principle that you have to keep in mind is don’t play safe. 

Juxtapose the look

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As mentioned before, choosing throw pillows with one single color which matches the walls of the room is no longer the best idea. Consider adding throw pillows with three colors that flow beautifully with other decor items like curtains, pieces of furniture, and carpet. In this way, you can have an attractive overall look which doesn’t look boring at all.

It’s not only about the color, you can also add throw pillows with different patterns and textures, especially if you have a living room with eclectic decorating style.

Sizes matter

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Of course, you can’t choose throw pillows which are bigger than the furniture itself. Measure the size of the sofas or chairs to which you will put the throw pillows and make sure that they suit each other proportionally.

Pick the shape

How to Decorate with Throw Pillows 2

Square throw pillows are the most popular option, but you can complement them with the ones in rectangular, triangular, or even bolster. The shape can suit the available space that the square pillows can’t cover.

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Odd numbers for modern decor

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If you ask a designer about how many pillows that you can add to your living room, they will say three or five. It’s because odd numbers tend to give a more sophisticated touch to your decor. You can calculate how many throw pillows that you need by considering the size of your living room.

Pay attention to the fill

How to Decorate with Throw Pillows 5

No matter how catchy the throw pillows that you have, they will still look ugly when they’re not in shape. So, choose fills that can hold the shape of the pillows properly.

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