6 DIY Home Improvement Tips and Ideas

 Want to upgrade your home but are worried about the expense and the work? Renovating your house doesn’t have to cost a fortune, and if you’re willing to make a small effort for a big difference, then Do It Yourself projects may be the right direction for you.

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Consider these easy home improvement ideas that can transform your space and give your home a proper makeover without the hassle of hiring a contractor. Plus, these improvements can attract buyer attention and earn you a better price for your home when you sell.

Update your furniture

Skip the furniture stores and upgrade your old furniture yourself. There are many ways to make your furniture appear brand new. Any wooden pieces can be brought back to life by simply stripping the paint and adding a clear wood wax. Whether you paint it or stain it, a simple refurbishing job can go a long way.

Replacing hardware is also a great, affordable way to add style and personality to your furniture pieces.

Paint, paint, and paint some more

 Top real estate agents would recommend anyone interested in selling should give their home a fresh coat of paint over the doors, walls, or even the cabinets and ceilings.

A few touch ups over peeling or cracked paint can instantly improve the look of a room. Creating an accent wall, painting the ceiling for a bold look or even covering cabinets in your kitchen can make your home appear fresh.

Replace your fixtures

 Swapping light fixtures can be a fast, easy way to improve your home. Old light fixtures can make your home feel outdated and bleak. Updating these pieces can quickly enhance the aesthetic.

Get rid of ceiling fans for more modern fans. Consider warm or soft lighting in kitchen spaces to help diminish the harsh appearance of grease stains by inserting pendants or a chandelier as a focal point.

 Add shelves

If you have woodworking experience or are interested in woodwork, adding shelves to various spaces can provide extra storage and style to empty corners and walls.

Declutter your space by building floating shelves. It shouldn’t cost more than $100 and you can add photos, plants, and baubles once you’re done for a personal touch.

Replace your hardware

Buying new cabinets can be pricey, but replacing cabinet hardware is a less expensive option to instantly elevate your room.

Add brass hardware to your kitchen or bathroom for a chic look, or black for a more sophisticated design. For a complementary layout, consider matching your hardware to other fixtures in your rooms such as faucets, showerheads, or even soap dispensers.

 Clean out your closets

At no expense, you can improve your home simply by cleaning out your closets. Let’s be honest, keeping your closet organized and immaculate is near impossible when life gets busy and time gets away from us.

But when you have a few hours to spare, declutter your closets by sorting clothes you plan to keep, donate, or toss. Rearrange with a closet organizer and allow every garment enough space so you can sift through items easily.

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