7 Best Selling Home Designs That are Everyone’s Favorite

Visualizing a perfect home of your dream can be confusing, especially if you are out of ideas. There are so many themes, layouts, styles, and designs out there that even the most apparent ideas end up being in stress. There are many factors that significantly contribute to a perfect home design. Ranging from choosing the material, location, structure, and finally the design – there are abundant things that can complicate even the most sophisticated structure. Architects are collaborating with pioneers in design to create attention worthy spatial designs and transform them into an unequivocal ambiance that people call home.

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Simplicity has been a critical preference for home buyers noticed within the property management industry. “Our partners in property management companies prefer houses with clean and simple designs,” say designers at Front Signs, a notable enterprise providing custom business signs in Los Angeles and the USA. Nevertheless, the trends are changing and there are new introductions made in exterior and interior that are capable of offering a fresh perspective and ability to reimagine exquisite masterpieces. Checkout the most popular home designs that are worth a shot:

1.   The House of Glass

 Houses of glass are the true archetype of luxury and modern beauty. Glasses are wonderful to create a sense of borderless, clean and minimal spacing. These sort of houses echo the true characteristic and personality of the dweller. Homeowners have the choice to create stunning visuals and mirror the in-and-out of the brilliance of interior ambiance. Another great feature is that glass house architecture connects the richness of the interior with simplicity of the outside. This is further beautified with furniture made purely of glass.

 2.   Curved Roofs and Arches

 Houses with roofs are terrific choices to create layers that unfold brilliant looking seamless designs. These sorts of roofs are combined with slopes, arches, and towers to create contemporary, vintage, and modern looking homes. Speaking of the volumes, many beautiful homes inspire the modern day that scales to the expectations of home buyers. Since these homes consist of adaptable spaces, these can be creatively adjusted to meet the versatile needs of the lifestyle such as fun and comfortable outdoor experiences such as pool, patios, gardens, and breathtaking landscapes.

3.   Modern Cantilevered Mansion

modern cantilevel mansion

 Cantilevered mansion portrays homeowners’ pursuit for richness, beauty, and intimate spaces. These home designs are inspired by the sense of minimalist and varying goals of homeowners. These structures highlight interstitial design that transit from inside to outside creating a pleasant environment and aesthetical view. It is easy for people to establish a connection with the design due to the appeal and visual striking features of the architecture.

 4.   Elevated Bold Structured Homes

 Many homes have the elements that create distinction of structure and illustrate the overarching development in home designs. These ultra modern elevated structures lend extreme liberty to the designers as well as the dwellers to personalize the space suitable to their ever changing needs. Having a distributed structure offers optimal use of natural light and enormous frames. This freedom is priorly due to multiple levels extending from low level design to pop of open terraces and hanging structures that look forever connected. Moreover the occupants can add elements like house numbers, fences, and sliding main gates to create decorative accents.

5.   The Cozy Cottage


 Away from the urban fast paced life, homeowners can discover the true purpose of life by spending quality time at the cottages. Cottages are inspired by nature and its assets that give a head start to eco-friendly sustainable living. Most of these homes are quite efficient in the context of energy efficiency and natural material used. The fantastic part is that it is quite affordable compared to the other affordable ones.  An abode closer to nature has other extraordinary benefits – it could be clean fuel, clean air, or natural surroundings that makes a statement for itself.

 6.   Rusty Nature Cabins

 Small and compact cabins are quite uncommon amongst home lovers. Made with an emphasis on nature, these cabins accommodates most modern facilities while maintaining the rusty design and charm of nature. With the hint of minimalism and a timeless feel, these small home designs stand out from the rest. The cabins are mostly equipped with raw material such as wood which creates a fresh, clean, and bright ambiance.

The highlights of these cabins are kitchens that constitute detailed craftsmanship in the form of pantry, cabinets, and small sized staircases.

 7.   Plush Villas

 Villas are dominating in the context of speaking to the style of home owners. After a busy day, having a space where you can relax and find your happiness takes all the stress away. A design of villa can be reimagined and arranged in multiple ways. Add a mediterranean touch, be playful with an american or european style, or creatively distinguish with L shaped villa. The love of modern home lovers is inspired by the unique beauty of shape, colors, and intricate designs. The elegance of the villas can be further amplified by making simple and wonderful additions such as patios, pools, lawn, and backyard space for fun and excursions.

Home designs are ever evolving. There are a plethora of styles and colors that transform the whole facade of a home exterior. It is up to the home seekers to embrace the beauty of home and personalize every inch resonating with the latest trends in vogue.

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