Can Double Glazing Help You Reduce Your Energy Bills?

Double glazing is great for keeping your rooms warmer and insulating your home against sound from outdoors. But can it really help you save money on your energy bills? In short, yes. Having double-glazed windows can help you save money when it comes to paying your monthly energy bills.

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Although most homes in the UK now have double-glazing and the benefits that it can bring to your home are no secret, it has been reported that around seven percent of UK households do not yet have double glazing. This may be down to the fact that some property owners are not aware of the benefits of double glazing and how it can improve the property’s energy efficiency.

About Double Glazing

Depending on the construction of the property, around eighteen to twenty-five percent of heat can be lost through the windows of a home that isn’t very energy efficient. During the winter, the inside of a building that has double glazed widows will be warmer since less heat is radiated out and more draughts are excluded. And, double glazing windows can also be quite effective during the summer, when the additional layer of glass on the window will help to reduce heat that is radiated in by the sun.

How Long Does Double Glazing Last?

Double glazing is not only a good investment when it comes to keeping your home more comfortable and saving money on your energy bills, but it is also worth it because it lasts a long time. High-quality double glazing can last for around twenty-five years. It is worth bearing in mind that if your windows are north facing, the longevity can be reduced as they may be more prone to moss growth and cold conditions.

How Double-Glazing Works

There needs to be a minimum of around 16mm spacing between the two panes of glass for effective insulation. The cavity is filled with an inert glass, like argon, which reduces the transfer of heat. Non-metallic separators are used to keep the two panes of glass apart.

Double Glazing Energy Efficiency Ratings

Similar to your household appliances like your fridge and beer machine, double glazing has an energy efficiency rating. The ratings range from A to G, while a rating of A+ means that you can expect the best thermal efficiency from your double glazing.

Energy efficiency ratings measure the overall energy performance of the entire window, considering all components including the glass and frame. The energy rating is represented by a letter, which is calculated based on the overall thermal efficiency of the window. This includes the amount of heat from the sun that passes through the window, and the amount of draught or air leakage.

In terms of how much you can save on your energy bills, getting double glazing with a rating of B is estimated to save around £110-£140 annually on your household’s heating costs.

If you want to save money on your energy bills and are prepared to make some upgrades to your home to achieve this, then double glazing is an ideal investment.


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