7 Cleaning And Maintenance Tips For Patio Blinds

Patio blinds have earned their spots in many homes today. Generally, many homeowners prefer these blinds because of their apparent benefits. Patio blinds protect houses from extreme weather and elements, including direct sunlight. These blinds also protect fixtures, patio furniture, and other furnishings in the patio from losing their luster. These blinds also prevent bugs from entering the deck. Most importantly, patio blinds add value to the yard. Specialty blinds that

However, like most fixtures, patio blinds need proper maintenance and cleaning. Keeping these shades well-maintained extends their life span, boosting its benefits to your home. Suppose you’re planning to install patio blinds. Luckily, this article provides you with tips and tricks that could guide you in keeping your shades spotless. Read on!

  1. Clean Both Sides Of The Blinds

Use a brush with soft bristles to remove grime, dirt, dead insects, and bird droppings. Exterior sides have higher dirt exposure, so it needs more serious cleaning. Ideally, homeowners should do this process every month. Cleaning the blinds could be done weekly in seasons where migratory birds and insects are widely seen outdoors.

For specialty blinds like Ziptrak blinds, use a solution of 1 part mild soap and 12 parts of lukewarm water. Dampen a cotton fabric with the solution and gently wipe the areas peppered with insects and dirt. You may also rub the hardened dirt with the fabric until the former wears off. Avoid using harsh chemicals as these may cause discoloration and damage to the blind’s material.

  1. Wash The Tracks

Modern blinds do away with the ropes and pulleys, as most run through track guides nowadays. Like the other portions of the blinds, the tracks may have dirt buildup that might get the blinds stuck. To keep the tracking smooth, remove the grime and dirt in this area with a wet rag. Let it dry for a few minutes. Then, lubricate it with a dry cleaning gel.

  1. Roll The Blinds Down To Dry

Whether the blinds got wet because of cleaning or raining, always leave the blinds down until they completely dry up. This way, the water would continue to drip, and the blinds won’t leave a foul odor such as petrichor because of improper drying.

  1. Remove Stains As Soon As You Notice Them

Ignoring stains for some time may result in more severe discoloration and staining. They may weaken the fabric further. To avoid this, remove the stains at once using soft brushes. You could also use wet rags to clean the stains off.

If the stains are hard to remove, you may do the cleaning repeatedly until such time that the stains flake off little by little. Brush or rub the rag on the stained area again until the latter becomes totally clean.

  1. Use A Soft Broom For Soft Cleaning

If the patio blinds don’t have much dirt buildup, you could just use a soft broom to dust off the blinds. You could also use a low-pressure sprayer to loosen dirt and remove layers of soil for optimum cleaning. Never use high-pressure washers as these could damage the blinds.

  1. Clean The Spline Tacks And Tapes

Wash the spline tacks and tapes properly with either a soft brush or microfiber cloth. After cleaning them, you may spray a silicone solution. Avoid oil-based lubricants because they could stain the blinds and accumulate dirt when improperly cleaned.

  1. Know When To Deep-Clean

Deep-cleaning isn’t always necessary to clean window covers, such as drapes, curtains, and blinds. However, there are situations that’ll need deep-cleaning to avoid more complicated problems. Before you deep-clean the blinds, look for the following signs and indications:

  • Yellowed appearance
  • Heavily soiled
  • Extreme stains or discoloration
  • Greasy texture

In deep-cleaning the patio blinds, you may use a few drops of mild liquid soap, 10 parts lukewarm water, and a cup of baking soda. After mixing these ingredients, take the blinds off and soak them gently into the solution. In most cases, homeowners use their bathtubs in this process.

Wrapping Up

Aside from protecting people from harmful UV rays, well-maintained and clean patio blinds are necessary to style a patio and other spaces. In addition, patio blinds prevent furnishing from receiving overexposure to light. Apart from the given advantages, proper cleaning is needed so that blinds would avoid light leakage that typically results from incorrect cleaning methods. In no circumstances must abrasive cleaning agents be used, to prevent discoloration, stains, and other issues.

Think about the tips in this post to know where cleaning would benefit the patio blinds. However, keep in mind that not all patios are the same as conditions differ depending on the type of blind and the cleaning materials you’d use.

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