How to Choose Coffee Table for A Beautiful and Functional Living Room

You may not think that you need to actually consider some thoughts when you are hunting a coffee table for your living room. It’s just a simple thing to do, you just need to walk into a home store or scroll down some products in an online shop then purchase the one that you love.

how to choose coffee table

If you are lucky enough, the table may fit your living room properly, but if not, you just end up wasting your money on a piece of furniture that doesn’t suit your needs. Therefore, it’s always a wiser idea to look for some guide before purchasing a coffee table.

Why? Because the coffee table is not only a station to put your drinks, meals, or other stuff but it’s actually a centerpiece of the room. It means that the table should be able to enhance the beauty of the decor and provide enough function for you.

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In this article, we have prepared a simple guide that will show you some steps on how to choose coffee table that is both beautiful and functional.

How to Choose Coffee Table

how to choose coffee table 1

Mainly, it’s all about choosing the size, design, and materials that are perfect for your living room. It should be the main focal point of the room that makes everyone loves to stay around inside for hours.


The first step is to determine a coffee table with the right height. Of course, the best one should be at the same height as the cushion of your sofa or two inches lower. A coffee table with improper height would make the decor look and feel really awkward.


Still related to the size, and now it’s about the proportion. Your sofa is still the reference to consider the proportion of the coffee table. The rule of thumb is that the table should have two-thirds of the length of the sofa.


What it means by balance here is related to the clearance, and weightiness of the table. Ideally, the distance between the coffee table and the sofa is around 12 to 18 inches. Then, if you already have the pieces of furniture which tend to look bulky, it would be best if the coffee table come with a more clean-lined and tinier design. From here, you can determine the design of the coffee table that fits the decor of your living room.


In choosing the right material for a coffee table, you can refer to your own lifestyle. For instance, if you have some kids and pets that run around here and there, a glass coffee table with chrome legs is not the best option. Also, your willingness to maintain the table in a long run should be kept in mind.

Your Needs

The last step is to think about your own needs. Do you need a table that comes with storage? Do you need a super large table for a fun game night? 

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