8 Roofing Sales Techniques You Should Be Using

Last year, the market size of the roofing industry was close to $52 billion, with even more increases expected in the coming years. But does that mean every contractor in the roofing space drew in colossal revenue from that market size? Unfortunately not.

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8 Roofing Sales Techniques You Should Be Using

The reason is simple: even though many contractors know their stuff, they can’t drive sales, so even if you can install roofs, getting a prospective client from “I’m comparing services” to “where do I sign” can be a task if you don’t know how to do so.

Regardless of whether you already have several roofing sales strategies, or whether you’re looking for a way to close more clients, the roofing sales techniques in this guide should supercharge your sales strategy and drive more revenue towards your business.

8 roofing sales techniques

Here are some techniques that you can put into practice to increase your odds of closing a sale.

1.   Work on your first impression

As cliche as this sounds, the first 10 to 17 seconds with a client can determine the results of your deal. Your demeanor and behavior are essential, whether you’re making your deals over the phone or in person.

Ensure you start off on the right foot by asking yourself specific questions. For instance, in what tone do you answer the phone? How helpful are you in answering any questions prospective clients may have?

One last thing: always dress appropriately when closing a deal with a prospective client.

2.   Stop selling, start educating

Contrary to popular opinion, you’re more likely to close a deal by not selling yourself to a client. Here’s why: one out of every four internet users installs an ad blocker to prevent the many advertisements that businesses throw their way. Basically, people tend to dislike ads.

Instead of going on about your service, it’s better to educate homeowners on the importance of their problem and why they need a solution. That way, they naturally conclude that they’ll need a roofer, and you may be the best fit for them.

For example, if your prospective client wants to know the difference in cost between tiles and metallic roofing, explain the difference and highlight the pros and cons of both roofings. You’re more likely to leave with a signed contract this way.

3.   Determine the customer’s problem

One way to secure your deal is to identify your prospective client’s real problem and offer solutions.

Even though they may be in the market for a tile retaining storm clip, their intention may be to protect their home. But using this knowledge, you can turn their focus to the real problem and remind them that your business is capable of protecting their home and maintaining its quality.

Tackling customer problems this way helps you provide valuable service to them and nurture loyal customers simultaneously.

4.   Talk benefits, not features

One of the best roofing sales lead generation techniques is to talk about benefits. Say your business installs metal roofing for homes, and you’re trying to convince a prospective client. Of course, you can say metal roofs are insulators. But how does that help your potential client?


Instead, talk about how metal roofs can help them save money by slashing their power bills. That’s sure to turn heads. Show your potential clients what they stand to gain by signing up with your business.

5.   Establish your warranties and guarantees

The more information you provide prospective clients about your offerings, warranties, and guarantees, the more they’ll trust your brand to deliver results. Give them a rundown of all your warranties, whether they’re roofing material warranties or even workmanship warranties. Expand on the duration of your warranties so they get a clear picture of what they’re in for.

Saying you offer a 20-year warranty, for example, may not sink in, but if you can make potential clients picture where they were 20 years ago, they’ll understand the value of what you’re offering. You can even make things more personal with guarantees.

For instance, you can help prospective clients understand that your asphalt roofing comes with a 20-year guarantee. It’s an excellent way to strengthen the prospective client’s decision to sign with you. It tells them you’re ready to carry the risk should your materials underperform.

6.   Provide loyalty programs

According to Bond, seven out of every ten customers are happy to recommend a business to friends if it has a good loyalty program. This means new clients, more brand awareness, and even more sales for your business.

One of the best roofing contractor sales techniques is a loyalty program that rewards your existing client base and tells them you value their business. It also strengthens the relationship you have with them. It’s a win-win for everybody.

You’ll gain their highly-coveted and repeated business, and they’ll get incentives and cashbacks in return.

7.   Use customer stories

Like the common saying goes, “stories breathe life into dry data”.

You can tell a prospective client you’ve serviced over 20 homes as a business—but if you can tell them what problem your client had, how you solved it, and what the client had to say about your work, you’re sure to rein in more sales.

Moreover, over 55% of clients say they’ve used the services of a roofing business if they loved their business story. You can use your website to tell customer stories and show your testimonials. It’s one of the easiest ways to push potential clients towards a sale.

8.   Hire an agency

Although it can help immensely, knowing all the details about roofs unfortunately doesn’t make you more likely to close a deal. You’ll need someone who can sell your abilities to prospective clients and make you the go-to roofer in the industry. That someone is a marketing agency.

Marketing agencies have professionals who are well-versed in turning potential clients into loyal customers. A great roofing strategy is to hire an agency, as it leaves you with time to focus on solving customer roofing problems.

Selling your services can be challenging, but it doesn’t have to be

Truthfully, selling roofing services can be a daunting task. You’ll need to get everything right if you’re looking to drive sales for your business, including using the right roofing sales techniques. If you’re looking to get from leads to signatures faster, you can also use roofing sales platforms like Roofr to streamline sales.

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