What Are You Missing When You Clean Your Home?

Keeping your home neat and clean takes some effort. Even if you don’t have to clean a ton of square footage, doing a thorough job can be time-consuming. When you put considerable time and effort into cleaning, you want your hard work to produce an appreciable result. Unfortunately, you may be missing a few key areas.

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Get Preventive Maintenance for Your HVAC

Odors in your home are a clear sign that isn’t really clean. Mildewy smells and allergens may be emanating from your HVAC system. You probably put a filter in the air handler, but that doesn’t wholly prevent it from collecting dust and other particles in the air. Condensation on the unit can make airborne allergens really stick.

Over time, the buildup impedes airflow and interferes with your system’s performance. If you’ve noticed your unit runs almost continually and it’s emitting a smell, you should call for cleaning and service. A technician can remove the air handler to treat it with a powerful agent, and it may be possible to enhance your system with a UV sanitizing device. For help with air conditioning repair Chicagoland, reach out to a professional service company that can help with cleaning and calibration.

Look Up

If you’re not particularly tall, there may be more than meets the eye when it comes to cleaning your home. The top of high surfaces that aren’t within your line of sight could be totally coated with dust and other yucky stuff if they’re not part of your regular cleaning routine.

Use a step stool to check out what you may be missing. The top of cabinets, your appliances, and any ceiling fans are all likely locations that merit attention.

Move Your Refrigerator

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If you haven’t ever moved your refrigerator, you may be surprised to realize that you can wheel it away from the wall with ease. In fact, you should check how much space there is between the fridge and the wall. The back of a fridge can tend to heat up, so leaving room there may help to prevent the appliance from overheating and enable it to operate more efficiently. When you move your fridge, you may find some disturbingly gross stuff that could be attracting common household pests.

Inspect Under Your Oven’s Broiler

If there is any gap between your oven and your kitchen countertop, you’ve probably dropped a lot of stuff down there without even noticing it. If you have indeterminate odors around this area, this spot is a likely source. The best way to clean this spot is to pull out the broiler drawer entirely.

Clean Your Gutters

If your home has a gutter system, it is imperative that you clean it out periodically. Neglecting this nasty chore can result in water damage. A professional service company may be the best option for dealing with gutters.

Make a little extra time for some of the tough stuff when you’re cleaning your home. Knowing that your home is really clean gives you a uniquely satisfying feeling and enhances the quality of your surroundings.

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