8 Tell Tale Signs You Need A Professional Electrician

Electricity is a force you need to deal with carefully. Every year, electricity-related injuries are responsible for deaths all around Australia. It’s said that most of these injuries are usually due to the urge of New South Wales homeowners and others from other areas to save on the costs of hiring a professional to fix electrical problems. If you don’t have the skills to deal with any electrical aspects in your home, it can put you and your home at risk.

The electrical system in your house should run efficiently at all times to ensure the safety of your family. Some people are unwilling to pay for someone else to fix any electricity-related problems due to the costs, but the risk is worth the cost and hassle. Even minor electrical issues can become serious if you don’t have the skills to deal with them.

In the event that you may need assistance with the electrical system in your home, checking out the services a Sydney Electrician provides would greatly help.

If you want your family and house to stay safe at all times, here are several signs when you need to hire the services of a professional electrician.

  1. Flickering Lights

In most cases, there are times when you see flickering lights but dismiss them. Sadly, you might want to change your mind once you see it again in your home. Flickering lights might be an indication of an overloaded circuit or malfunctioning wiring. Although it might not appear as a severe or immediate threat, ignoring or delaying repairs can worsen the problem.

  1. Exposed Wires

Once there’s an open wire in your home, it’s a safety hazard for your family. It can be an open splice or wiring slipping out of its protective casing. In such cases, it requires immediate attention to keep your loved ones and property safe from potential risks.

  1. Burning Odor Or Smell

When an electrical fire occurs, it emits a distinct burnt or acrid odor which you should never ignore. If you do, you’re going to put your home at risk for a fire.

Once you notice a pungent burning odor spreading in your house, you should immediately switch off the power from the main circuit breaker as a preventive measure. Once the main power is off, get in touch with a professional electrician right away.

As an extra precaution, check the source, which can be the switch or outlet, for any black marks or signs of burning. Feel the area if it’s warm to the touch, indicating the start of a fire in the walls.

  1. Electrical Shocks

If you happen to experience a minor electrical shock when plugging certain appliances or turning on a light switch, it’s a sign of a loose wiring or a short circuit. Avoid overlooking instances of minor shocks since it can put your home at risk for electrical fires and serious injuries. Remember to avoid dealing with this issue and call a professional electrician to carry out the necessary repairs.

  1. Warmth In The Wall Outlets

As a safety measure, it’s best to inspect all the electrical outlets in your home periodically. Once you notice that any of the outlets feel unusually warm to the touch, it’s an indication of a possible wiring issue. Don’t hesitate to call for electrical repair service immediately.

  1. Faulty Circuits Or Frequent Tripping Of The Circuit Breakers

The circuit breaker trips as a preventive measure to avert further damage once there’s excess electrical current flowing in the circuit. In case the circuit breaker in your home constantly trips, it might be an indication of a severe electrical issue that necessitates the skills of a professional electrician.

  1. Sparking Switches Or Outlets

Although you’re likely to experience sparking now and then when plugging a device into an outlet, it’s an issue that you shouldn’t overlook. Always remember that whenever sparks occur, there’s a severe risk of an electrical short. In most cases, it’s likely to happen when you plug or unplug a device from the outlet but can also occur in the switches or other electrical fixtures.

You should stop using the fixture, switch, or outlet and call a licensed electrician to carry out an assessment and perform the necessary repairs.

  1. Outdated Wiring Or Ungrounded Outlets

For those who are living in older houses, it’s likely to have electrical problems such as outdated wiring or ungrounded outlets. If the outlets lack proper grounding, the wiring system is at risk for short circuits and can pose a severe threat to electrical shocks and fires. Get in touch with a licensed electrician to ensure proper grounding in your home.


When an electrical problem is present in your home, avoid taking any chances to ensure the safety of everyone. Injuries and household fires are brought about by electrical problems annually, usually due to faulty electrical wirings. In reality, most of these electrical hazards are preventable. Once you encounter any of these electrical problems in your home, make the right choice by calling a professional electrician right away.

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