25+ Beadboard Living Room Ideas with Farmhouse Vibe

Since a living room is the best spot where you can do lots of things with all the family members or coming guests, you always have to make it look and feel inviting. Of course, it strongly relates to the decor that you use to style up your living room.

A decor of a room consists of several elements like color, patterns, textures, and so on. All of those things should be able to complement each other to create nicely harmonious look which then leads to the atmosphere that you will get inside the room.

You can also create a particular decorating style by choosing the pieces of furniture, decor items, and accessories which are designed in particular style. There are various kinds of decorating styles that you can choose based on your taste and needs.

Beadboard is one of the chic accessories that you can always consider to complete the decor of your living room. It will give a very stylish texture and pattern to a room’s decor which always make it look way more attractive.

Commonly, the beadboard comes in paneling design that you can use to decorate the wall or ceiling.  You can either use it to cover the entire space or just use it as an accent.

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For your inspiration, we have picked tons of beautiful beadboard living room ideas that you will totally love. You can add them to your reference when you are about to decorate your very own living room.

Best Beadboard Living Room Ideas

Beadboard Living Room: Brightly Chic Decor

beadboard living room 1

Here, white dominates the room which creates a brightly beautiful overall look. The beadboard ceiling gives a more decorative touch but still keeps the brightness of the room very well. To give a warmer nuance, wood flooring in deep brown finish is chosen.

Beadboard Living Room: Simple Coastal Decor

beadboard living room 2

Beadboard is always a good accessories for you who love coastal decorating style. In this idea, the beadboard panel in white finish covers the entire wall which looks so gorgeous. Then, a navy sofa and chair give another contrast to emphasize its coastal nuance.

Beadboard Living Room: Spacious Traditional Decor

beadboard living room 3

This one is a living room with high-ceiling layout with white as its main color which looks so admirable and comfortable. The tall beadborad accent enhances the attractiveness of the room’s decor in a very stylish way. Some bold finishes colorize the room to make it look more colorful.

Beadboard Living Room: Gorgeous Monochrome Decor

beadboard living room 4

A fabulous living room which combines modern and traditional style at the same time. The black beadboard panel is used to cover the wall which is combined with white as its secondary main color, creating a catchy monochrome overall look. The earthy and gold finish then adds a more contrasting touch in a very simple way.

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Beadboard Living Room: All-White Decorative Room

beadboard living room 5

The wall and ceiling of this living room are covered by beadboard panel in white finish which creates a chic decorative nuance. The pieces of furniture in various colors decorate the room in a very attractive way but sill manage to keep it calm with its soft look.

Beadboard Living Room: Bright and Warm Room

beadboard living room 6

A chic living room which feels so inviting with the combination white and brown as its main colors. The beadboard accent is only applied to the fireplace which is enough to give a more attractive to the room’s overall look. It’s a very easy and simple idea for you who prefer to use the beadboard panel as the accent of the room.

Beadboard Living Room: Decorative Vintage Decor

beadboard living room 7

A beautiful beadboard living room with vintage decorating style which so worth to add to your inspiration list. Its beadboard wall and ceiling looks so beautiful in dominating the room’s decor. They complement all of the elements of the room in a very stunning way.

Beadboard Living Room: Black and White Room

beadboard living room 8

Another inspiring beadboard living room with black and white overall look which is so tempting to steal, and this one is styled up with Boho vibe. The black beadboard ceiling, window frame, and fireplace are the main factors which give a bolder touch among its white domination. It’s a very smart decor for you who love minimalist decorative style with more textured accents.

Beadboard Living Room: Chic Beige Decor

beadboard living room 9
Beige is a good color option for you who want to have a neutral decor with a warmer nuance. Here, the color is applied to the wall while the sofa and love seat in brighter beige complement it stylishly. The beadboard accent in similar finish give a harmonious decorative touch then.

Beadboard Living Room: Modern Rustic Decor

beadboard living room 10

A beadboard accent with distressed wood finish uniquely adds a rustic touch to this modern living room. It becomes a striking focal point which complements the earthy decor items and accessories of the room’s decor.

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Let’s just keep scrolling to check out more of our best picks of beadboard living room ideas!

beadboard living room 11


beadboard living room 12


beadboard living room 13


beadboard living room 14


beadboard living room 15

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beadboard living room 16


beadboard living room 17


beadboard living room 18


beadboard living room 19


beadboard living room 20


beadboard living room 21


beadboard living room 22


beadboard living room 23


beadboard living room 24


beadboard living room 25

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So those are tons of inspiring beadboard living room ideas that you can add to your home improvement plan. The list will totally help you to style up your living room with a more decorative overall look.

Adding beadboard panel to your living room decor is absolutely a great idea. You will have a living room which looks so mesmerizing in a more distinctive way. Then, it also sparks out a more exhilarating vibe around.

Just pick the best beadborad living room idea which suit your taste and need, then start decorating your beloved living room now!

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